Getting set for a bit of a Euro partay chez nous this evening, can’t wait! Invites sent, flat cleaned, pooch washed, cat on the mat, shopping done - loads of cheesy 70s-inspired stuff like cocktail sausies, hot-dogs, chicken wings, and pineapple-cheese on sticks. Angel delight, trifle, and queen cakes.

Beer & wine from a few Euro places. I refuse to do anything Aussie, and guess what, we don’t have to provide the tunes! Any predictions for a winner or top 3? Aussies & Ruskis favourite, France well-placed. My personal fancies are Belgium, Hungary & France.

“Watching the Eurovision makes me long for the good aul days when European rivalries were solved with massive loss of life.” - Official Crumlin Shopping Centre Facebook page.


Well said Brother Tom, you’d miss the days of drinking games when you could take a guess on who would give who the 12 pointers

Test post. Test Post.

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That sounds like a good entry for Ireland next year!

Ah jaysus, how does one quote a post on this new-fangled twittery forum? I selected “reply as linked to post”, and “block quotations”, but nada

When when you hit reply there’s a speech baloon icon in the top left of the text box, next to the B for bold text.

Click that and it quotes the post you are replying to.

Took me a while too

Cheers Blue! I was just being a lazy bawlix not trying everything out. I’ll send you a bunch of roses. To use in the dungeon…

So who won t’eurovision?

you can also just highlight a piece of text in someone’s post and a “quote Reply” box appears @5AliveOh @MrBlue

Wooooooooooo, fancy! Cheers T. Ukraine won, the drama was that Australia was miles ahead in the jury votes, over 100 ahead I think but Ukraine got loadsa public votes, which are included at the end, enough to win narrowly.
Poor aul Aussie… :laughing:

I don’t like this new voting set-up, very hard to follow, far too quick popping up/racing through the jury votes, no longer any reading out of “huit points, dix points…”

Ah don’t worry about them to much … If the Brits pull out of the EU, having the Aussies in the Eurovision is the first step to having them replace the Brits :grin:

Dunno who’d be worse.

I think the next competition to represent Ireland in the Eurovsion should be held at venues in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and throughout Eastern Europe. And Australia and Israel. If the song wins, Ireland hosts the competition the following year - and then claim a mahoosive grant from Bord Failte for bringing an event to Ireland and that should recover the costs. Simples.