FA Cup 2020-2021

Chorley were bottom of the Conference North (6th tier) when drawn in the second round of the FA Cup with Peterborough who at the time were top of League One (3rd tier) . After defeating former winners Wigan Athletic the Lancashire club came from behind against Peterborough to advance to the 3rd round where the Premier League and Championship clubs join. Next stop Man United or Man City???


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Incredible draw for Marine bringing Tottenham to their ground!

More likely bringing Spurs’ 4th team

Was going to start following them when I saw the name before the last round. This is a great draw

Jason McAteer used to play for them before he joined Bolton.

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The excitement is building ahead of Marine’s historic 3rd round FA Cup tie at home to Tottenham on Sunday at Rosset Park. They already got a sponsor for this game being the Athletic and now they’ve broken their own record with 6,000 plus virtual tickets sold for the match.

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I’ve been awake since 4am

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Used to love the FA cup . Now I just resent the fact it means the premier league isn’t on


Funny I’m the opposite I support Liverpool and would usually watch most of their games when I can

But outside of them I really struggle to do 90 mins of any team, really have fallen out of love with the PL

The FA Cup is still intriguing I find and in reality if money wasn’t most clubs absolute be all and end all the FA Cup should be a v important comp.

Harks back to my football manager days I think, I look at 3rd round results then go looking where these teams are coming in their respective leagues, see who’s fallen out of League 2 etc.

That being said I’m way more looking forward to 6 nfl playoff games this weekend that the FA Cup

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C’mon Chorley :muscle::muscle:

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The saviour of the FA Cup would be giving the winners a Champions’ League spot.

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Looking at Andy Carroll playing top level football I’m not ruling myself out of making it just yet.


Carsten jancker played centre forward for Germany

There is always a Chance

How did Utd stick 6 past Leeds? :unamused:

2nd string team. Lingard useless. Mata passed it.

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Wolves/Palace was a good game. The Cup has certainly lost it’s allure though. I couldn’t be arsed watching United. I watched the Bills/Colts in the playoffs instead. Which, by the way, the Colts fcuked away.

Up da Bills !! The Mayo of the NFL :wink:

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Most of the games have been turgid.

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