Favourite 5 of the decade

From 2011 until the end of the decade in 2020 we were privileged to watch the greatest team of all time.

8 All Irelands, 10 Leinsters, 5 National Leagues but a mere 2 O’Byrne Cups … perhaps the sole disappointment of the decade.

We witnessed some great performances, team and individual, and some titanic battles. Mayo were probably to the fore but we crossed swords with Kerry too, the one time football kingpins. We also battled Donegal, Tyrone, Monaghan and Galway and a few others.

But what were your top 5 in the Championship?

Is the epic 2011 semifinal against an obstinately negative Donegal in there? The 2016 semi against Kerry when we overcame 10 mins of madness? The 2013 final when Sam returned despite huge handicaps down the home straight? The 2019 replay when the gallant efforts of Kerry and Conor Lane couldn’t stop us from clinching the 5? The 2018 final against Tyrone when we finally could enjoy the closing stages? 2020 when six was clinched against Mayo with a masterful performance of game management? Maybe the 2011 Final when Sam came home after 16 years … and has hardly left since. Or perhaps you are a masochist and enjoyed 2014? The 2013 semi final v Kerry and that crushing finale? The 2015 semi final replay v Mayo with another crushing finale? Or the 2017 final v Mayo when even flying GPS’s couldn’t derail the magic three in a row. The 2016 Final replay with Cormac’s cameo? Singing in the rain and 3 in a row over Kerry in 2015?

Let’ s have them …


Ok … mine are as follows -

2011 Final
Undisputedly my top memory for a number of reasons not least lowering the Kingdom colours. There is a book in that day

2019 Semi-Final
Finally putting our nemesis Mayo to the sword.

2013 Semi-Final
Simply a great game with two teams going hell for leather and us beating Kerry back to back for the first time since 1977

2019 Final replay
Bossing Kerry to clinch the magnificent 5 despite a chronic refereeing performance

2017 Final
An epic battle v Mayo and having the smarts, hunger, desire and cojones to close it out for 3 in a row

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Hard to think of anything outside of semi finals and finals TBH

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  1. Sam at last. Blackeyed Peas. Dancing on the hill. Nothing will come close.

Still love that song to this day for that reason. It was the only Dublin game that I sat with my three brothers in a row - in Cusack 301, beside the Hill. I am convinced that the cantilevered roof above us shook when Maxi scored and again when Kevin Nolan kicked his point. The last ten minutes were extraordinary - surreal even. Stephen’s coup de grace could not be scripted. Joy unconfined.

As you say - the Black Eyed Peas, Thin Lizzy and others - a soundtrack to a day of days. Memories to cherish forever.

See yis in Coppers!


Aye - I didn’t even reference Leinster. Super 8s in Tyrone in 2018 was good though. 2011 quarter final v Tyrone was also a super performance - especially Dermo.

It’s all just a blur since 2011 @DUB09. I was only at level 1 restrictions for those years! My main difficulty is trying to forget 1991 - 1994!

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2011 final Can’t be beaten
2013 Semi-final Came out in one of best games ever
2015 SF replay Really showed their teak toughness in those two games. Loved Maccer going for jugular in the end, to put the issue beyond doubt. Never forget the wonder in my (then) 8 year old son after that goal.
2017 Final Mayo had us on the ropes, but came through again
2019 drawn Final. Outscoring KOTF with 14 men in last 15 minutes
2015 final. Kerry using rain as an excuse still makes me laugh. That is six, but so what


2011 final was brilliant to be there.
2013 semi class game
2019 semi , those 10 minutes of the 2nd half.
2011 semi, not pretty, but it was a real test of disciple and mental strenght. It left me wrecked and I was lying on the bed watching it.
2017 final, the way we closed it out was not for the faint hearted

  1. 2011 final - wouldn’t swap that day & nature of win for anything. The stadium did actually shake when Kev Mc scored the goal. The noise that followed each score after unbelievable as MDMA might say.

  2. 2013 semi final - brilliant game & brilliant finish to the game. The scenes on the Hill when Kevin Mc scored the late goal.

  3. 2019 final replay - for history & scale of achievement this was special. And to be able to enjoy last 10 mins knowing we had game won vs our true arch nemesis! Hugely enjoyable day!

  4. 2017 final - was epic game where things didn’t go great for us even with Con’s early goal. Losing Jack flash early on, getting well beaten in midfield and Mayo playing to their max. Game could have gone either way but as shown many times this Dublin team know how to win tight games regardless of the other team, refereeing decisions or where chances missed to make it more comfortable.

  5. 2016 semi final - for quality of game and quality of our scores particularly the coup d’grace score by Diarmo at the end. Even though we were well off our best in the final games v Mayo think that was our strongest team at its peak over the past 10 years.

Honorable mention re the 2017 semi final v Tyrone for game management & total control! That was a footballing and tactical masterpiece by Jim Gavin.

Watched it again recently and was surprised at how poor Flynner and Bernard were in that game. Dermo kicked some awful wides too.

Still managed to kick 22 points some of which were brilliant scores particularly the Connolly point at the end. Came back from 5 points down at half time and 3 points with 15 mins or so to go vs our biggest rivals.

I enjoyed it anyway :grin:

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No absolutely but it wasn’t a great performance tbh! Harsh critics here!!

Fair enough though you could say none of our wins particularly v Mayo were great performances. One of the real qualities of this Dublin team is the ability to win no matter what’s thrown at them.

  1. Donegal semi final 2011, atrocious game but got the job done and finally got to play a game in September.
  2. Kerry 2015 3 sams and a biblical deluge. Did philly outscore the gooch?
  3. mayo replay 2016, dermo’s pen and the cock losing his minerals in front of the hill.
  4. 2013 semi final, a game for the ages.
  5. Has to be the 2011 final, those last few mins were just mad.
    Edit: don’t know wtf it’s going from 5 to 9.
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I would have to include the 2011 quarter v Tyrone. I was very anxious before the game. I had learnt not trust the team and had visions of a Tyrone revenge after 2010. Moreover, it was pissing rain just like 2009. As it turned out, we arrived (back) to where we felt we should be. We tackled like animals and the fast ball into our forwards killed Tyrone. Diarmo gave a masterclass in long range scoring and despite squandering goal chances, the game was won by half time. With the referees assistance, S. O’Neill helped put some respectability on the scoreboard in the second half, but this was a hammering by any measure. We might have found our steel in the semi against Donegal, but Gilroy’s vision of style allied to work rate was realised in the quarter final. That footballing culture was the basis for Dublin as the usurpers of the Kings and still holds through today.

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  1. 2011 final, the absolute joy of the celebration in Croke Park at the end of the game.
    1. Clinching the 5 in a row against Kerry, and actually feeling a little relaxed in the final 10 minutes of that game.
  2. 2013 Semi, just a brilliant, exciting game that we came out on the right side of after years of losing 'great` games.
  3. Mayo. Hard to pick a single game but the clashes with them, especially 15,16,17 were brilliant, and a testament to both how good they were and how resilient we were to keep overcoming everything they threw at us.
  4. 2011 Semi final. I know a lot of people dismiss that game as a terrible, negative game, but for me the sense of relief and achievement leaving Croke Park was massive. After all the false dawns since 95 we had eventually made it back to the final.

2011 final

2013 semi final

2015 final

2016 semi final

2019 final

Had a good think about this so here goes

2011 vs Kerry ,will never be beaten IMO .Only our second win in 76 years over them . Brought my da’s ashes to the final as well and managed to scatter them , he was dubs mad , actually mental . Brought me Eveywhere when I was a nipper supporting them, he died on easter sunday 2008 the day we were supposed to go watch them play monaghan in PP in the league .
By jesus ,he would have been made up with the success we have had now.

2013 semi final vs Kerry .What .A Game .Was in lower cusack and nearly level with when Kerry goalkeeper was flying through the air flailing at Kev mac’s goal .

2015 semifinal vs mayo .When keith higgins threw himself in the square and the ■■■ scored the pen ,then I think AM leveled it ,I honestly thought we were gone , mayo crowd around me going beserk .Somehow we got out of it with a draw.

2017 final vs mayo .Those lose 2 mins when we kept the ball for 22 passes ,heart in the mouth when COS in the corner gives it to cluxton ,who foot passes it to Kev mac with mayo players around him , really high wire stuff that ONLY the GOAT would be capable of ,if there was a sofa on the hill that day ,I would have been hiding behind it.!!;

2019 final vs Kerry .Lost my ticket for final on way to croker , walking around in a daze for 20 mins ,ended up watching match in the sunset house , would never have told a soul if we had been beaten .Love watching that match back as to how we controlled last 10 mins even down to 14 men ,the yearras might think they blew it ,but we know different.Its the hope that kills them !!!


My best mate died in 2010 and I often think the same about him, we travelled up and down the country through the barren years but still had some craic.