Favourite 5 of the decade

My cousin died in Nov 2010. A great Dubs supporter and a great friend of Dessie.


You brought your Da’s ashes to the 2011 final and scattered them?


(Apols if that’s too personal a question.)

Was sitting in lwr cusack stand , so just scattered them under my chair ,was never going to get on the pitch not like days of old ,so next best thing .It was 16 years since our last appearance and me da was with me that day ,just felt right doing it

Told my son wouldn’t expect you to do same :smiley::smiley::smiley:


2011 final win cannot be topped, the manner of it, everything about it. The semi-final win that year is up there in a very different way, maybe 5th or 6th. Though I’d put the whole 11 run together as one package really, the win over Kildare, ah no, how could you leave it bleedin out?!

2013 'semi-final probably #2, greatest game & greatest ever goal for me perhaps bar Barney in the 83 drawn semi and the 77 semi.

After that I suppose regaining it in 13 when it seemed that the world and her granny believed Mayo would win and wanted that, they took over a good part of the Hill, we had lost to them in 12, they finally made a good start to a final. But still we won.

Dethroning Kerry in 15, the arrival of a player we dreamed would be a future great ala someone to finally fill Mullins’ boots, and Al Brogan’s clinching point.

The 17 final, greatest battle and intensity of any of the finals. The last few minutes. Dragging all 15 Mayo players to the ground in revenge for 12 and for what they were doing to Diarmo for years!
It also represented being the first team since Kerry 86 to do 3-in-row, and bettered the achievements of Heffo’s Army.

16 semi-final, overall attacking performance, the comeback, the last three scores. Though Diarmo’s was the pick, and the clincher just like in 13, it was Kev’s I remember most at the game, the least expected, the hardest angle, under most tackling pressure, the fact it was him, the fact it made me believe we were going to do it. Again!

Seeing as I have to drop one of the above I’ll say 15 as it was overall a year of transition and although of course great to regain Sam especially from Kerry, it was also the ‘end of the dream’ that was the magic of the team in Gavin’s first two years.*

*Honourable mention to the league final win in 13, and the Centenary win in 17, and the manner of it. The comeback win over Cork in the (?) 14 semi-final. The perfection of some other league final performances.
And the 15 semi-final replay. And Mannion’s goal Vs Donegal in the 15 Qtr final, the 17 semi-final performance, finally putting Mayo properly to the sword in 19, winning back-to-back in 16, our first(and only third of any team) since 77; and of course winning the five after surviving everything the 16 men could throw at us over two games last year.
Doing 4-in-a-row in 18 was also a huge moment, it meant nobody at the time could ever say we didn’t really match the achievements of the greatest team of all time up to that point.

Looking back overall we had epic battles with Mayo, Kerry, and Donegal. Wins by the narrowest margin. Wins in several replays. Comebacks when we looked dead and buried. All-time great last-minute points & goals. GPS-throwing, constant media and pundit disbelief in our backs being good enough, and Fento emerging as not only a great to match Mullins but the greatest of all time, going beyond our wildest beliefs and dreams after the 15 final.
We had CK and BH making final play long high ball catches from the clouds to carry the days like opposition heros used to do to us time and again.
And our goaly kicking the winning point in an All Ire Final.

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Happy to oblige, time to just own it!

The thing I love about 12 and 14 is that both teams that beat dublin in the semis thought they had won the all ireland that day but they lost in the final.

There was no dragging down of Mayo players bar CK and Keegan which followed Keegan throwing the gps at Rock. No idea why you would state something like this??

I defo got the feeling the Keegan thing was a reaction to his flying GPA, more than anything else. Cos he wasn’t held he just got a push in the back.

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I know it requires patience to wade through Al s posts but I think you ll find he is being sarcastic. He never uses a straight forward sentence where he can use 4 or 5 ones that can cause misunderstanding instead.


Charming. That’s a shame as I think all your posts are the epitome of succinct clarity.
Though I’m obvs a fan of sarcasm I’d call this one a sort of two fingers to all the bitters who’ve never stopped pushing the falsehood of that moment of that game. I’d hate for you to feel you’ve caused misunderstanding of one of my posts.

Just having a joke relax . You were being obviously sarcastic about the drag downs. Last time I help you out so…

Help? Get outta here ya schmuck!

And it wasn’t sarcasm, it was gross exaggeration. Ya need to brush up on recognising the satirical micro-skills

Great post, but we beat them twice in the 70’s (unless you meant in finals?).

I’ll always cut Keegan a bit of slack as he is a player (when he was in his prime) that was able to get the better of his opponent, more often than not. And it wasn’t all about the pulling and dragging.
BUT, the kick-out following C Kilkenny getting black-carded, the one that goes out over the sideline, look at the way he drags BB to the ground and yet escaped punishment.

Yeah , meant in finals

Ssshhhhhh, shure he was just copying all those Dublin backs pulling down the Mayo forwards. And with no GPS shure he didn’t even know where he was supposed to be, the craythur. He was like one of those robots from Dr Who malfunctioning