Favourite Album Art Covers (the art bit that’s on the front)

Ok we have the best this, the best that. I love album cover design… love the 80’s work on Factory Records and the top three designers in the UK Peter Saville, Nelville Brody and Malcolm Garret (who I worked with on a project once upon a time and learned loads of shit). Brilliant work.

My favourite below. Perfect in every way.

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Don’t we get to choose at least 3 :wink: ?

Miles - Bitches Brew … its a double album so the pic below doesnt come near to capturing the vibrancy of the artwork.
Artwork apart this is a seminal piece of work.


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Ah shoite, I was going to put that one up too. Daller are you going to the tribute concert, Vibrate for Philo?

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Wow she even has her own signature on the sleeve. Hats of daller.


I would’ve put that one up too!

How dare you slag PB!

Here’s a good cover.

It’s not mad artistic - but sums up the energy of the Clash.

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Was reading about that album cover recently when listening to the album in the NME all-time best list.

**Not sure if you know there’s been an annual tribute concert for Phil Lynott called Vibe For Philo

Only cool artists do that!

She was mentioned in a Pair of Brown Eyes

Taking of which…this was my favourite album of all time.

Apparently the title had something to do with the Royal Navy…in years gone by.


Paul Simonon I always thought it was joe strummer - there ya go.

Great image except for the gick typography over it.

Yeah really basic. Slapped on.

Described in the album cover review as “an homage to the design of Elvis Presley’s self-titled debut album, with pink letters down the left side and green text across the bottom.” Certainly has that 1950s cartoonish look


My older brother liked the Clash.

I remember him playing this years ago when him and his friends would have a few before heading out.

I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

Simonon said it was his reaction to an announcement during the concert that fans were not allowed stand up out of their seats.
The photographer was actually discarding the photo as it was out of focus

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It was indeed deliberate.

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Speaking of album artwork … Jim Fitzpatrick coming up on RTE’s Nationwide in a few mins …

Learn something new everyday.

After “The raft of the Medusa” …Theodore Gericault

Country life the 3/4 Roxy music album , the cover was banned in many countries, happen to have it in my sitting room , it’s from I think 1974
Caused a stink there eventually was an alternative album cover for the sensitive