Favourite County Players (F)

Another thread created out of boredom but sure see how it goes. If possible list down one player from each county(including New York, London) who you have seen play, be it live or on tv who you would call your favourite player of all time from that county. They can be from any era and play in any position.

Couple of easy starters…
Mattie Forde (Wexico), Conor McManus (Monaghan), Declan Brown (Tipp)

Shane Carthy (New York)

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Few off the top of my head

Colm Cooper (Kerry)
conor McManus (Monaghan)
paddy McBrearty (Donegal)
Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin)
Ciaran McDonald (Mayo)
Padraic Joyce (Galway)

Great thread idea!!

Colm Corkery (Cork) slinging points over from miles out, was a joy to watch.
Benny Coulter (Down)…serious operator!
Brendan Murphy (Carlow) = specimen

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Paddy Keenan (Louth) was a good one.
Geraghty (Meath)
Donnellan (Galway)
McDonald (Mayo)
JBM (Cork)
Flynn (Kildare)

Maurice Fitz. I just loved the way things seem to happen for him effortlessly.
Kevin O’Brien (Wicklow).
Padraig Joyce (Galway).
Stephen O’Neill (Tyrone).
Greg Blaney (Down).
Dermot Earley (Roscommon).
Ciaran McD (Mayo).
Declan Browne (Tipp).

Paul Curran - Dublin - one of the greats
Seamus Moynihan - Kerry - could mark anybody
Trevor Giles - Mordor - one of the best playmakers I’ve seen
John Doyle - Kildare - carried a county on his back for a decade
Kevin O’Brien - Wicklow - Superb player
Dessie Dolan - Westmeath - Terrible commentator, super player
Niall McNamee - Offaly - One of the most unheralded talents of a generation
Dermot McNicholl - Derry - A superstar before his time Minor IC debut at 14, Senior 17
Ronan Clarke - Armagh - Unmarkable for a couple of seasons before injury did him in
Dermot Early(Snr) - Rosscommon - Some engine, Junior was also a super player
Colm McFadden - Donegal - As good as Murphy without the sly digs
Michael Meehan - Galway - The display V Kerry in 08 was the best individual performance I’ve ever seen
John O’Driscoll - Cork - Scared the bejesus out of the Aussies on Heffos team V the Aussies in 86
Stephen Melia - Louth - Super player from the real Leinster champions of 2010
Paul Barden - Longford - Athlete
Ciaran McDonald - Mayo - Stylish, unpredictable, brilliant
Muggsy - Tyrone - That goal

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Blaney and Linden were superb players on the t Down team

I’ve always though Mickey Quinn from Longford was a serious player, seen him quite a bit with DCU and was always impressed.

Permatan out in Sligo - Eamon O’Hara was a quality operator for years

Matty Forde of course from Wexford he was a sensational player

Dessie Dolan- smashing player for Westmeath

I loved watching Phillip Jordan - Tyrone

Kieran McGeeney- first time I remember being star struck by a player when I was kid and he walked past me coming off the pitch for Na Fianna

Serious Player Matty Forde.

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Ronan Clarke one of my favourite players of all time. Could of been one of the players of his generation for sure only for injuries.

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Is that not what you meant?

I forgot Johnny Doyle remarkable player.

Also Graham Geartghty as much as I hated the site of him was a menace

Seamus Moynihan & Gooch from that mob

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Has he switched allegiance ?

There was a Mickey Quinn on the Leitrim team that won their Connacht Title in 1994. He was a great player.


Went on to play for Coventry and Newcastle.

For now ill go with

Antrim -
Armagh - Oisin Mc Conville
Carlow -
Cavan -
Clare -
Cork - Colm Crowley
Derry -
Donegal -
Down - Mickey Linden
Dublin -
Fermanagh -
Galway - Padraic Joyce
Kerry - Maurice Fitz
Kildare - John Doyle
Kilkenny -
Laois - Brian Mc Donald
Leitrim - Declan Darcy
Limerick -
Longford - Padraic Davies
Louth -
Mayo - Willie Jo Padden
Meath - Ollie Murphy
Monaghan - Conor Mc Manus
Offaly - Niall Mc Namee
Roscommon -
Sligo - Eamon O Hara
Tipperary - Declan Browne
Tyrone - Peter Canavan
Waterford -
Westmeath - Dessie Dolan
Wexford - Mattie Ford
Wicklow - Kevin O Brien
New York -
London -


Your taking the Mickey.

Antrim - CJ McGourty
Armagh - Geezer
Carlow - Brendan Murphy
Cavan - Stephen King
Clare - Blondy lad corner back from mid 90s - was it Clancy? either him or Gary Brennan
Cork - Paddy Kelly
Derry - Has to be Tohill
Donegal - Murphy
Down - Greg Blaney
Dublin - Jamesie
Fermanagh - Quigley
Galway - Michael Donnellan
Kerry - Jacko
Kildare - Johnny Doyle
Kilkenny - DJ
Laois - Ross Munnelly
Leitrim - Emlyn Mulligan
Limerick - John Galvin
Longford - Paul Barden
Louth - Paddy Keenan
Mayo - Ciaran Mac
Meath - Geraghty
Monaghan - Nudie Hughes
Offaly - Matt Connor
Roscommon - Dermot Earley
Sligo - Eamon O Hara
Tipperary - Declan Browne
Tyrone - Peter Canavan
Waterford - Shane Briggs
Westmeath - Dessie Dolan
Wexford - Mattie Forde
Wicklow - Kevin O Brien
New York -
London -