Favourite County Players (F)

Declan Browne - Tipp
Peter Lambert -Tipp
Johnny Doyle- Kildare
Joe Kavanagh-Cork
M Donnellan - Galway
Steffan White - Louth
And who could forget Cindy who played for Westmeath in the early 90s.

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Seamus Clancy is the Clare corner back you are thinking about.


Brian Mc Guigan

Enda Mc Ginley

Declan O Sullivan

Paul Galvin

Paul Mc Grane

Westmeath - Heslin

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Jarlath Fallon of Galway.
Colin Corkery of Cork
Mike Frank Russel of Kerry

Ja Fallon Galway? Burns was Armagh wasn’t he?

Yeah sorry my bad, Fallon!


Aido indeed … especially when he was lining up the Hail Mary hero shots in AI finals against us

Graham Geraghty as somebody else mentioned he hated him.
But he was the kind of player you would want in the trenches with you.
Martim o connell meath
Dermot early snr
Matt connor a genius
Of th e dubs Collie moran,paul curran Keith barr

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John McDermott from Meath. Noble mention to Darren Fay. Kevin O Brien carried Wicklow for years as Stefan White did for Louth. Glen Ryan for Lillies with a mention for Niall Buckley. Dolan Longford. Rory O Connell midfielder from Westmeath. Ciaran McManus the maestro from Offaly. Hughie Emerson at 14 for Laois. Brendan Murphy Carlow. Matty for Wexford and finally the Kilkenny bus driver deserves a mention.
Munster means Seamus Moynihan, Niall Cahalane (had to!), the Horse Moloney fir the Banner Galvin for the Treaty, Declan B.for Tipp and Gary Hurney for the Déise.
Over west, O Hara from Sligo, ‘Cake’ in Roscommon, McDonald- Mayo, Michael Donnellan Galway and Seamus Quinn for Leitrim.
Respect up north for Stevie Mc Donnell Armagh, Mickey Linden, peerless- from Down, Muggsy (nuff said), Ciaran Mc in Monaghan, Stephen King- great Cavan midfielder, Fermanagh fullback Barry Owens, Tohill from Derry, Kevin Cassidy Donegal and McGourty for Antrim.

Niall Buckley serious footballer.
I think he spent a year in aussie land and came back to play minor for kildare. He played minor against us ,he was head and shoulders above everything on the pitch.

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Antrim CJ McGourty
Armagh J Clarke
Carlow B Murphy
Cavan M Dunne
Clare G Brennan
Cork M Collins
Derry J Kielt
Donegal K Lacey
Down M Clarke
Dublin J McCarthy
Fermanagh B Owens
Galway M Donnellan
Kerry C Cooper
Kildare S Johnston
Kilkenny N/A
Laois R Munnelly
Leitrim E Mulligan
Limerick I Ryan
Longford P Barden
Louth P Keenan
Mayo L Keegan
Meath T Giles
Monaghan C McManus
Offaly N McNamee
Roscommon E Smith
Sligo D Kelly
Tipperary D Browne
Tyrone B McGuigan
Waterford J Barron
Westmeath J Heslin
Wicklow L Glynn
Wexford M Forde

Antrim -
Armagh - K McGeeney
Carlow - B Murphy
Cavan - C Mackey
Clare - G Brenna
Cork - G Canty
Derry - C McKaigue
Donegal - K Lacey
Down - B Coulter
Dublin - S Ryan, D Farrell, A Brogan, D Connolly.
Fermanagh - T Corrigan
Galway - M Meehan
Kerry - T O’Se/D O’Se/Gooch/P Galvin… A team of great players for a good decade.
Kildare - J Doyle
Kilkenny -
Laois - P Clancy
Leitrim - E Mulligan
Limerick -
Longford -
Louth -
Mayo - L Keegan
Meath - G Geraghty
Monaghan - C Mc Manus
Offaly -
Roscommon - D Shine
Sligo - E O Hara
Tipperary - M Quinlivin
Tyrone - S Cavanagh/P Canavan/B Dooher/P Jordan/S O’Neil… That whole team from the glory years.
Waterford - T O’Gorman
Westmeath - D Dolan
Wexford - M Forde
Wicklow - L Glynn
New York -
London - Muggsy

Laois - Colm Parkinson


Antrim-Kevin Madden
Armagh-Kieran McGeeney,Stephen McDonnell, Ronan Clarke
Carlow-John Nevin
Cavan-Dermot McCabe
Clare-Dennis Russell, Jamie Malone ,Gary Brennan, Martin Daly, Gordon Kelly
Cork-Larry Tompkins
Derry-Chrissy McKaigue
Donegal-Kevin Cassidy
Down-Mickey Linden
Dublin-Stephen Cluxton, Diarmuid Connolly, James McCarthy, Ciaran Whelan, Paul Curran, John O’Leary
Fermanagh-Barry Owens
Galway- Michael&Declan Meehan, Michael Donnellan
Kerry-Maurice Fitzgerald,Tomas O’Se Mike Frank Russell
Kildare- Anthony Rainbow, Willie McCreery, Eddie McCormack
Leitrim-Seamus Quinn, Declan Darcy, George Dugdale
Laois- Tom Kelly, Ross Munnelly, Beano McDonald
Limerick-Ian Ryan, John Galvin
Louth-Shane Lennon
Longford-Paul Barden, Michael Quinn
Mayo-Lee Keegan, Trevor Mortimer, James Nallen
Meath- Jim McGuinness, Trevor Giles
Monaghan-Darren Hughes
Offaly-Vinny Claffey, Niall McNamee
Roscommon-John Newton, Frankie Dolan
Sligo-Mark Brehony, Paul Taylor
Tipperary-Declan Browne, Michael Quinlivan
Tyrone-Stephen O’Neill, Philip Jordan, Joe McMahon, Ryan McMenamin, Brian Dooher
Waterford-Shane Walsh ,Edmund Rockett
Westmeath-Martin Flanagan, Thomas Cleary, Michael Ennis
Wexford-Eric Bradley,Mattie Forde,Ciaran Lyng
Wicklow-Leighton Glynn, John McGrath,

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You are dead right about the Waterford footballers you chose @Stato82, it got to be Eddie Rockett all the way …

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Do you know Rocketts near Tramore

Offaly had some great players, Willie Bryan Paddy Mc Cormack, Martin Furlong and Tony Mc Tague