Favourite GAA club jerseys

Thought it be a interesting idea for a thread , don’t know if it’s been done before :man_shrugging:t2:
Get the ball rolling I suppose
South Africa Gaels

A little bit closer to home. 2 jerseys I particularly like.

Vins jersey, classic, no messing around.

The recent Cuala hurling away jersey


Cuala Navy

Erins Isle


Plunketts Navy

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BSJ new AIG Sponsored ones are :ok_hand: and Clontarf have a beautiful navy job as well

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Love the Ballymun jersey :wink:

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Can’t beat the green and red :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You might prefer the Naomh Barrog one… :heart: :green_heart:


Genuinely like our own (Peregrines), BSJ always held its own , Parnells n Vincents never be mistaken ,

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My son’s football team (St. Finnian’s in Vancouver) have just got their new gear. I like the Vancouver skyline at the bottom.


Few good one’s there alright…Cuala away one is mint!

no need to do a thread on worst ones:
Club - Scoil ui Connaill
County - Carlow

These are facts!


Ah poor old Scoil , you know you’d think they couldn’t make the look any worse , but I lost count on the amount of occasions they come out with different colour Knicks n socks some wearing blue knick others wearing white :scream:to match that god awful jersey

Ah now RunDMC as a former Scoil man, I should take the hump over that… but at least you knew when you were playing us that there would be no clash of colours.


I completely respect any man women or child that wore that Scoil jersey and kept a straight face


I liked the Carlow colours in a Rastafarian kind of way.
Drumree (I think it is) have red and white hoops. I liked their jerseys.
Never a fan of KC’s “home” jerseys bit I like their predominantly white “away” kits.

Think your onto something , smoke a massive amount of wacky backy and those colours would grow on you

I like them because they remind me of a Wibbly Wobbly Wonder.


I find the Carlow jersey refreshing…

And TSS up there with Scoil

Its the closest this Northsider ever got to playing rugby , playing clubs who had rugby looking jerseys

No place for it :rofl: