Favourite movie scenes

Just got me thinking after looking at the fight scene in the matrix . I’ve loads but this one is a personal fav of mine

True romance - Sicilians

Pulp fiction - the watch

Spinal Tap - Stonehenge

Opening scene from one of my favourite movies of all time

The Italian Job:

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Showing my (lack of) maturity here, but this is one of my favorite movies of all time and the famous Campfire scene!

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I know I know but I love this scene. Joey the Lips. The lord blows my trumpet.


Such a good film , i must watch it again soon . Andrew Strong , wow .

On tonight on TV3 at 21:00


Jayus , i won’t have to wait then :joy:, fair play !

Never tire of watching it.

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Need to watch Crimson Tide again soon haven’t watched it in ages

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Train robbery scene in The Assassination of Jesse Jame. Music and cinematography are amazing.

Conversation scene in Hunger. Nearly 20 minutes without a cut

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Love this movie and love this scene.


first movie I seen with Mrs. JJF. Was stunned after the first 8 minutes of this.

Name the fair city actor on the beach.


That Hunger scene is flawless . Couldn’t believe it when i was watching it . A brilliant , brilliant film.

When Deniro goes off on one there’s no one better !

That in 5.1 in your living room is awesome . Feel like you are there .