Favourite old cars

Seeing the minivan and then the Volkswagen Camper how about a thread for old motors. Got pics of your first car? Or your Dads old cars? Want to put up pics of cars you loved growing up?

This thread is for you.

I’ll kick off … The Da had a couple of these lads over the years


Currently own this

it’s a 1977 1500 Spitfire, that I have had to reluctantly put up for sale. It’s only a 2 seater so we need a proper second car and my special needs daughter is starting to destroy it on me! Love driving it, especially yesterday! Not so much today!



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Thanks. The car is nice too, innit!

First car I can remember us having

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Love it @Rochey, I used to work for a lad whose father had a mid 70s Ferrari 308 GT4 and a Talbot Sunbeam rally car out in the shed. Would love to know if he ever did anything with the Sunbeam.

My father was predominantly a Fiat man until he got his first company car in 1991. I remember 2 x Fiat 128s, a Fiat Panda and a Fiat Ritmo San Remo. They may have had an awful reputation but my father had very few, if any, problems with any of the cars.

Remember them well


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Ah they were awful cars Dave!!! I was a mechanic of 7 years in a previous life. They were easy to work on, but they broke down way more than any other cars I worked on, but Lancia’s little brother was a little brother to Lancia’s issues too!!!

I’m salivating!

My parents never had a car or learnt to drive. But my brother brought one of these home one day about 1967. A Ford Anglia, it had 3 forward gears and there was great excitement at the time.


Savage car, everyone I know prefers Mk2 Escort RS1800s/RS2000s but nothing like a good old Sunbeam.

Have been following a great YouTube page over the past few months called VHSRallies showing late 70s/early 80s rallies with Escorts/Mantas/Chevettes etc. Would have loved to attended those old marathon Circuit of Ireland rallies but the auld lad was GAA all the way (not that it’s a complaint in any way :wink:)

Always wanted a Ford Capri, because of Bodie and Doyle! Then an old Jag, because of Morse!

Going back probably 30 years or so, my aunt had a 1969 Capri 1.3 that she left rot outside the house around the time that she sold up and moved back towards Cork City. If I had even been 5 years older, I would have taken it off her hands and put into storage somewhere as a future project.

@DUB09 what are we classifying as old here??

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Anything goes. Is 30 years a classic car?

The brother had a Capri - Mk II. Was it The Professionals that made them very popular again?

Edit: must read All the thread before replying! Apols @Iomaint!

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Audi Quattro appeared around then too? Beast of a car.

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Yep, I loved the quattro especially the rumble off that five cylinder engine.

I’ve always been a Ford man so I had 3 posters on my wall in the late 80s - white Sierra RS Cosworth, a red Ferrari F40 and the obligatory white Lamborghini Countach.

Manufactured in what is now, Santry Garda station.

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Must get my hands on this, no doubt it would be an excellent read.

Became Chrysler after?

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Other way around @DUB09, it was Chrysler before Talbot.


No, Talbot was after it, but same cars really

EDIT DOH. Thanks @dcr22B

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