Favourite phone photos

Nearly everybody takes photos on their phone these days. We just whip them out and start snapping at the drop of a hat. Usually they’re rubbish and you end up deleting but the odd time you catch something quirky, beautiful, colorful, funny or strange that you end up keeping or downloading. No porn please …, I got this recently in the zoo … something about it … maybe those eyelids? The symmetry? The mouth … anyway do your worst!


This little pug, he has real a chip on his…


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: This could be a good thread!

Jenga Pug!!

Took this one in May of last year. Was talking about the power of the sea to the then 12 year old who looked at me, threw his eyes to heaven and said ‘c’mon let’s go - leave that stuff to David Attenborough.’

Anyone know where it is?

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Captured this over the gaff this year




Taken at the Realt na Mara statue at the end of the Bull Wall this time last year.


Great photos guys, beautiful. Here’s the best I can do!


The rocks at the coast road beach 'twixt Malahide & Portmarnock?

Nope but not a million miles away.

@5AliveOh - that’s a lovely reg. The guy who owns that car has a natural talent for playing on words and is said to be punnate

Very early one of the young lad. Look at that and tell me he isn’t a hurler in the making!


A good pair of hands on the chungfella.

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Why does every depiction of a kiwi make it look like it’s having a shit?

Like all of us with a big rig at the back of the truck…
Could be laying an egg.


Has the paw up already!

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And protecting it with the invisible hurl :blush:

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Either he gets it from his auld fella or Liam Rushe is the milkman round your way :wink:

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Now that ye say it he was the TV license inspector around our neighborhood a while back. If he’s as good a hurler as him I’ll still claim him!