Favourite phone photos


Lady’s Island this arvo. Amazing cacophany of wetland birdlife on the island itself


putting out the bins for a neighbour and spotted this fucker… bastarding thing was that big it was only short of asking me for a light.


That’s a scary motherfipper!!!

the fucker was huge nearly than darragh o’brien me head. well maybe not bigger.

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Put a warning on pix like that ya bollix ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

it’s a nasty looking thing isn’t it?

Never seen a black one that big before.

do you not what species it is?

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Catherine Nevin?

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I though that at first… but the Catherine Nevin species is much bigger but usually found further south.

Ah, I know - I was jesting.
Have you tried searching the web? :wink:

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Nasticus Bollixus

The Web? Whats dat?

thought so… I was think of introducing it to a kickinthebollixes… see how it likes that…

As the actress said to Bishop Tutu.

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Looks very like a false widow. But they generally aren’t very big. Although I have heard of big ones.

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Nothing compared to the fuckers you see in Australia. Huntsman. Hairy brown 8 legged yoke.

Sounds like the cast of Cool Runnings….

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Funnily enough we are watching an 80s or 90s movie with the kids most weeks. They ve watched Ferris Bueller, naked gun amongst others. Cool runnings is up next .