Favourite phone photos

In my experience, they’re just all nuts. But then so are we. An Clár is the other idea, from whence she hails. A whole other strand of nutty, and that’s just her folks. Or Frankfurt…

Nach bhfuil sí all the one, my aul segotia?


Be careful when you come outta there!


A timeless scene. Though the securo taking yer man’s details because of crimes against short trousers is a tad harsh I think, didn’t realise the Digger’s has a dress code now Father?

I wonder could JJF or anyone do a Ressers’ montage again, in front of Kavanagh’s? If Proud Dub asks nicely…

Short pants on the wane

Bit harsh alright. @DUB09 could do with dropping a few lbs though & that pony tail HAS to go !


Were you up Croagh Patrick yesterday, @mayoman? If so, photographic evidence?

No I was on the barstool :see_no_evil:


That’s a pilgrimage in itself!

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I’ll probably climb it soon. I don’t usually climb it on reek Sunday as it’s too crowded. Usually pick another fine day.

Was yesterday not Reek Sunday?

Can you climb it at time ,are there any restrictions when you can ??

County Waterford or County Down?

Lough Lene


Copied from Twitter, but great photo


I’ve a good mate lives near there, lovely part of the world, loads of history, the small passage graves around places like Fore are quite special

went for a lovely swim in it today. cold. but refreshing. pissed rain but we stayed in for about 30 mins.