Favourite phone photos

Then it was sold to publicly-listed C&C group…

That’s an awful shame. I have one of their glasses here, posted to me by a friend who knows what matters in life

The GAA at its finest.


Spotted in Algete outside Madrid. No flights over for these lads.

Saw a camper van from limerick parked near the school I work in the other day, first time in 33 years Ive seen an Irish reg here except for the odd lorry

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These lads are on a Data Centre build here, doing the ground works.



The building interior is spectacular too :wink:

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You’re going nowhere with posts like that!

He’s a Man U fan. Badly needed.

What’s badly needed? Therapy?

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Sitges Zombie walk, amazing make up

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Is that the town where the Dali museum is?

No, it is south of Barcelona, nearing tarragona, great town. Dali museum is in figueras, has nothing special and museum is not great either

I remember it now, a small fishing town, cool spot. Never went to Figueres. I was all arted-out after the Gaudi & Miro stuff, that’s before you even get to Picasso, can’t even remember did we see his stuff when in Barc

Special moment in the mountains today, a griffon vulture landed beside me.


Great picture and experience.
Did he have a cut off you?

Was strange, didnt seem to mind me getting up, got to a metre of it

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