Favourite sitcoms/ comedies

Your three favourite comedies/ sitcoms . For me it was a difficult choice;

In no particular order

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Only fools and horses

I’m leaving out some shows that left me in creases. Knowing me Knowing you, The office.

We must be same age, same taste! But I didn’t see enough of CYE to call it one of my all-time faves, so I’ll go with Early Doors


Couldn’t pick 3. No way…

Only Fools
Fr Ted

If a gun put to my head maybe… probably 3 different ones tomorrow…

Everyone Loves Raymond
Gavin and Stacey
The Office (UK one)

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Three is very difficult . I also loved the season of Blackadder set during the First World War.

For Ted
Gavin and Stacy

Oldies but goodies

I have just started Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and it is glorious. Crazy, off beat , highly recommended :+1:

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Very difficult to pick just 3, but would probably go for:

Father Ted
Only Fools & Horses
The Office (UK version)

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Not a single mention of Mrs. Browns Boys yet !

Father Ted a terrible omission by me.

Myself and my brother once has a stand up row after a Dublin match as to which was better. The Office UK or USA .
It transpired he’d never watched either !
Thank god for the diplomacy skills of @Wasonthehill83

Mrs Brown’s Boys :weary: as my other half says, he’d rather be shot with balls of his own shite


Very difficult choice, but at a push…

Phil Silvers Show
Yes Prime Minister

…and I feel guilty about leaving out Only Fools and Horses and the Royle Family

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Dammit. How could any sane person leave out Yes Prime/Minister?


Just too many to pick three. My second three

Yes Minister
Only Fools and Horses
Halls Pictorial Weekly

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Leave it to Mrs o Brien( actually this was a tragedy) so I ll say
Fr Ted

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Nobody gone for Phoenix Nights so far?

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Blackadder - all of the characters went onto be hugely successful. Proves the talent.

The Office - hated it at first. Then watched the outtakes, watched it again and realised how talented Gervais and the team are.

Family Guy - is the best thing out of USA TV in last 20 years.

Never got Seinfeld, not even remotely amusing.

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I really enjoyed It and if it was a top 3 characters from comedy Brian Potter would have to be considered.

1 Cheers, pure genius writing and the delivery of punch line complete perfection.
2 The Office UK version,choked squirmed my way through it , writing so good you occasional forgot it wasn’t real
3 Black-adder stayed fresh and original each new series

Honorable mention MASH

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The Office UK, number 1, without a doubt
Bottom number 2

Then I would have a hard job trying to decide number 3
The Inbetweeners
The IT Crowd
Only fools
Father Ted
And I would also throw in more Gervais stuff, Extras, Derek, After life

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O1. nly Fools and Horses
2. Blackadder
3. Father Ted

And an absolute shout out to the Inbetweeners.

An honourable mention.

The Office
Royal Family
Early Doors
Goodnight Sweetheart

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They are repeated on channel 4 in the morning time. Sheer class.

“I Wonder If You Know That The Harp Is A Predecessor Of The Modern-Day Guitar. Early Minstrels Were Much Larger People. In Fact, They Had Hands The Size Of Small Dogs.”

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