Féile Peil na nÓg Division 1

Our lads won the Felie yesterday for the first time in our history. Great achievement!


Congrats @Harper!

a great result for ye annd delighted to see it going outiside the super clubs. I saw them play at u13 and was impressed by them

Feile is a good 1 day blitz ( 2 day for the slect few) but i would hope most mgmt place more stock on the league to gauge where they stand than Feile

congrats…great win

Fair dues to the little Harps!

Harplings …


Well done all in Skerries, quite an achievement! Keep those lads together and keep the heads level and you’ll reap the rewards at adult level! Great stuff

I have huge reservations about Feile as a competition, and the pressure placed on 13 year olds from a coaching and games promotion perspective, but that’s not for this thread. May start one later if I get the chance.

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Didn’t Castleknock win it last year? Are they a superclub? Raheny have won one. So have Syls. And Craobh in 1999. Vins never have. Nor have Cuala!

Congrats to Harps.

I would have the same issues as Rochey though.

Yes … but what do you think about Feile and pressure on kids?


Castleknock are into superclubs territory numbers wise at juvenile yes.

WTF is a super club anyway?

Way to take away from the Skerries thread lads!!!

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I think Skerries are a super club anyway!

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Super Duper, or Man City super?

Well done to Skerries, they clung in til the end and got the goals at the perfect time.

Our lads were in tears at the end but had no complaints as both teams played their hearts out.

Feile is a great idea once not built up to be a bench mark for the future. It’s a blitz and doesn’t determine anything. They will dust themselves down and get back to the league action. Most coaches I spoke to were of the same view. Most important thing is to allow them enjoy a day out that is really well run and of course to wear the new gear!!!

new gear !!! and then the less committed “retire”

Super as in King Size Extra Whopper meal … (+90c)

Nothing that has 13 year olds in tears is worth it.

Not even a good old tear jerker movie like The Champ?

agreed but equally some parental expectations of their kids is causing awful grief for well intentioned and dedicated mentors

When ever we play I always tell our lads that the most important thing is taking part. Though they do have to find their own way home if we lose. Character building.