First Aid Courses/Defibrillator

Hi all

Quick one here for anyone involved in club teams. I’m just wondering is there a GAA incentive for clubs to have mentors sent on first aid courses? I’m not talking about a physio as we will have one of them from time to time but more so first responder stuff in an event of an emergency? Im Sure there are companies that will come in and train up a group for a fee, has anyone ever hired one?

Also on defibrillators, we have a few in the club house etc and our physio will bring one to games but I want to try source one for the team I’m with and have it at every session/game and ensure all management/selectors are trained up on it. Is there any scheme for acquiring defibs and the training to use one?

Thanks in advance

Sam there is a campaign at the moment being run I think by AIG/DCB. And they’re going around the Clubs. It’s been headed by the Ref Philip Carr from Towers who lost his son a few years back.


Sounds exactly like what I’m looking for. Thanks Liam.

Great to see such a worthy initiative being carried out in Ciaran’s memory.

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Just found the link, you need to register your club…