Fitzgibbon 2018

Starts soon

In the list of priorities this is well down the list for me. Think it needs to be used as a stepping stone to county for young players at this stage. Club & county much more important.


Not before time. No inter county player should be playing it. Had gained an importance that was entirely unwarranted.


In fairness, a few coaches got their pockets well filled in recent years from it. Nice for them.

Players did ok too!!!

I see UL played and beat Cuala in a challenge in Abbotstown yesterday. Davy obviously spending the weekend in Dublin

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No end to his greed.

Alternatively he spotted the opportunity for his college side to get a run against the best club side in the country and went and arranged it. Good management.

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Who is playing for UL these days, beating Cuala is a good result even if only a challenge.

Which Dubs are involved in college teams this year?

Yeah. I’m sure that’s what it was.

The expenses won’t be refused though :smirk:

He is with LIT is he not?

Their Galway opponents were beaten by 35 points by Tipp also.

You are of course correct. I got a bum steer on the info. Apologies to all for the confusion and angst I may have caused :wink:


The Sigerson and Fitzgibbon, including scholarships etc, have to me been one of the main drivers of embryonic professionalism. I am delighted if they are in reverse. They should never have had the power they had and the likes of UCD should never have been allowed to take Dublin hurling championship medals out of club players’ hands. Not everyone goes to college. Shows how much the GAA has moved from its roots, in ignoring under 21 competitions in favour of the third level colleges’ competitions.

DCU (Dublin development squad) match is in tomorrow

Scoring 4-17 and still losing a game!!! Mad stuff :thinking:

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Losing by a bit as well!

Dublin. Development panel going well :slight_smile: