Fitzgibbon Cup 2021

A great competition that hopefully is able to go ahead. The squads have just been released.


Do Glen Rovers lads not bother with third level education?

The only education those lads need is their hurling


I wasn’t aware I had to disclose what club I’m from?

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Glen Rovers… Blackpool… Dubh Linn… A tenuous link, I know.


How does the Glen and the Nicks cooperation work? Do they share facilities? Would there be much cross over between the 2?

Very little crossover at adult level and few dual players. Separate committees. I believe they’ve made efforts to be more united at underage level. On facilities they’re both technically sharing grounds but you wouldn’t know if you turned up there, you’d think you were in Glen Rovers only. How they manage it on a day to day basis I don’t know in terms of training and pitch allocation. I haven’t been up there in about 4 years though so things might have changed since.

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What football club with The Rockies’ players be aligned with?

St Michaels over the road, not sure that many would really be dual.

@rebelsforliam Are the Sigerson squads out too out of curiousity?

Haven’t seen anything, was wondering the same myself. If I come across them I’ll let you know.

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Great to see so many dubs involved again. I assume that’s Cian & cons brother with UCD?

Would hope a couple of dubs start in forwards for UCD.

Ye he’s the youngest

He was club minor this year ye? Full forward?

No, Eoghan hasn’t been minor since 18. He’s a back as well.


Are Sigerson cup squads available?

Just started a thread. Tweet has a thread with all squads on it.

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This is hardly going ahead is it?

Tweet above says October