Any Dubs featuring in the fitzgibbon? Rian McBride scored a couple for DCU in their loss against UCC.

O donnell and Aj Murphy played for DCU too - Sean Mc caw at corner back too is a dub . Eoghan Mc Hugh came off the bench too

Cian O’Sullivan and the two O’Riain Broin’s played with Trinity

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Scored 3 from play actually. Could do a job in the corner for Dublin?

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Inter county players should not be playing with colleges. There’s your solution right there. Scholarships are basically pay for play and should be banned. Or else let them be given to non inter county players just below that level.


Not on panel anymore I believe. Was let go last week with a few others.

Very hard for those players at the moment to juggle both teams with big fixtures.

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Would free up the colleges to play a much better schedule of matches and could be used by lads as a stepping stone between u21 county and senior county if they don’t make the move directly.


It’s a wonder how they get time to actually study, given the commitment required by managers like Davey Fitz.


too old?

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**[quote=“beeko, post:9, topic:1683, full:true”]
It’s a wonder how they get time to actually study, given the commitment required by managers like Davey Fitz.

Always the Conor Mortimer approach too.


I heard stories about doing 3/4 training sessions a day with LIT years ago.

Sorry but surely that’s bull, how is 4 sessions a day physically possible? Hardly training 6am 12pm 5pm and 10pm are they?

They trained in morning, during the day and evening. 4 would be a bit far fetched though nothing would surprise with Davy.

I utterly despise that man at this stage.

I see Cian wasnt playing for UCD yesterday

I think ban the u21 grade. Players more than the deserve any handouts that come their way if its scholarships, sponsorship etc…

There is potential for the college scene to really grow in Hurling/Football. Id scrap the walsh cup/u21 grade and encourage the 3rd level scene. Would be a nice alternative to the county set up where you would have lads mixing from various counties on the college sides.

Mental note, never vote for sam11 :grinning:

Fitzgibbin me hole. There I said it.


A shambles at present, but has potential methinks

something has to give in the calendar though

brolly did a good piece today . However if he thinks club teams aren’t engaged in insane training regimes

hes mistaken