Fixing Football

Good post but the best part was that Presidential campaign you ll never forget but you just can’t remember the lads name :grinning:.

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That’s spite for ya!

Where is the East, apart from the token inclusion of Dublin in your proposal?

I would like to see something more radical. Namely one competition in a league format with home and away games. Divisions in groups of 8 and run off from April until the end of August.


That’s the dream.

Lets see how the likes of Monaghan, Roscommon or Donegal get on if they come up against a top 3, not really sure who the top 3 are at the moment, it will give us an idea of how an 8 team format would work

The name is hardly the issue. Call it what you like.

Too many games. Not a championship really.

There are very few leagues in any sport where all teams are equally competitive. You seem fixated on the fact the top 2 or 3 will still beat the teams ranked 7th or 8th out the gate. Thats standard and is the same across all sports, with the exception of hurling at the moment.
In a league format you get a much better product to sell due to regular competitive games. Yes, Derry vs Donegal was hardly a barnstormer but you’re getting that no matter what the competition structure looks like. At least you’d get less of the Kerry vs Limerick or Dublin vs Kildare in what are supposed to be the flagship game for the provincial competitions.


Dublin v Kerry Senior Perpetual Cup.

Alternate venue each year between Croke Park and Pairc Ui Chrocaigh.

Losers get to play Mayo for runners up position.


My only point is that some seem to think a league of 8 would be very competitive, I don’t think there are 8 teams out there for that, yes if Derry play Monaghan or Kildare play Westmeath, they could be good games, but we already have that, the problem arises when they play the big boys and that would still happen.

Which is why home and away would be a waste of time.

I think any 2 groups of Dublin,Kerry, Derry,Mayo,Galway,Donegal, Tyrone and Monaghan would be pretty competitive. Far more than what we see now. I don’t think Dublin would be beating Monaghan by 15 points these days.

In summary, the Leagues are competitive but don’t matter as nobody cares who wins them. The Provincials are steaming piles of gick, except in Ulster where the actual style of football is ghastly. The Super 8’s were rubbish, and the backdoor only meant you’d get badly beaten twice instead of once. As for the Tailtean Cup… it’s a disaster and should be scrapped right now.
Did I leave anything out?


You are entirely spot on there except for the Tailteann Cup

There is no other alternative . Leitrim and Sligo will probably sell out this weekend

The alternative is a 25-30 point hiding by one of the better sides


What were crowds like this weekend?

I agree with you about the Tailtean Cup - it’s good. I was being sarcastic really, there is no fixing all this when there are only two, possibly three, inter county teams capable of winning the All Ireland. No amount of competition formats will change that. It has never really been much different.

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Same in most sports, problem in football is the nature of the games makes hammerings more likely than in soccer for example and therefore makes the difference in level more visable. Take the CL final the other day, it they could score points Liverpool would probably have won comfortably

But at least you have to qualify for the CL

Currently we have 49 year old goalkeepers on certain inter county teams

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More than one then? Asking for an anti ageism campaigner friend.