Fixture changes

What will be the outcome if a team is unable to field a team this weekend due to the fixture change. Will clubs be given the opportunity to play at another date. Not fair on players who may have holidays/weddings / work on the Sunday if their games are usually fixed for a Saturday/Wednesday?

Clubs wont be given another date by the CCC. The clubs can agree to move the game back to the original date or an alternative date to play it.

It’s a shame no foresight was given to this Sunday’s fixtures considering the huge sporting events on, especially the 3pm throw-ins.

100% Agreed. But as above clubs can agree to play at a different time.

Is there a time limit on when this needs to be done, as in how many days before the fixture does it need to be arranged or does it depend on the 2 clubs involved?

7 days from original date of fixture.

  1. If both clubs are agreeable they may move a league or cup fixture to a date within seven days of the original fixture date provided that both Clubs notify the CCC Secretary in writing at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time of the fixture and receive CCC permission. Teams’ who cancel, postpone or move any fixture without first notifying the CCC, the referee and the referee’s coordinator will be subject to loss of points or elimination and or a fine of €200. This will be applicable to both clubs. The re-arranged fixture must not interfere with any other CCC fixture. Championship games must be played as fixed by CCC (Exception – Under 21 championship fixtures may be brought forward up to the Wednesday prior to the scheduled fixture date).

Its going to be hard to rearrange games within the 7 day rule with more football and hurling matches on the following week