Fixtures w/e September 4th

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Could be interesting weekend of results - with Electric Picnic on will affect availability of players !

Anyone idle on this weekend looking for a challenge? PM me.

Are these fixtures going ahead?

most from div 2 down will I presume. there’s no reason for 80-90% to be off

Whats the thoughts on the fixtures the weekend of the AI Final? Will they all go ahead or only the Saturday evening fixtures?

Not a hope of anything on the Sunday. I think they just fix this round so as not to look presumptuous that Dublin will be busy that weekend.

Even a 10.30 throw in, if you are from Ballinteer and playing in Skerries, you’d be hard pushed to get any of the minor final.

Can’t see them happening.

As it stands, we are playing at 12noon on Sunday. That rules out most of us seeing the minor hurling final and for those going in it will mean a serious dash to get fed and into Croker.

Took a look at last years fixtures out of curiosity on this. There was some matches played on the Saturday before hand including the Junior A & B finals, 5 AFL1 matches, 6 AFL2 and assume similar numbers in 3 & 4, but looks like the Sunday league games were all pulled

Why are Division 5-8 games on at 12? Ridiculous with the hurling finals on

5&6 are on at 10:30. 7-11 are on at 12:00

though Div 5-8 always played at same?

They normally do. I am just going on what the image above has for the fixtures. I dont know the reasoning for it but I would guess it is to do with referees

They need their sleep too!!!