FODH season proposal

On first viewing this has some merit

Has no merit at all. Waste of time of a proposal.

A near professional game is not going to return to the amateur days

There are not 16 teams of ‘A’ standard in I-CH. Too many pointless hidings

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Champions league format will interest no one. Provincial councils will not agree to anything diminishing their championship.

Why do they waste their time with this?

The only thing to do is shorten the season by a month. AI Finals played on the August bank holiday. Football two weeks later.

“Each month from March to September the county team would have 2 games and the other two weeks would be for club games”

When would football be played? It still leaves Club Championships being played March-May, then nothing till Sept.

It’s a stupid proposal.

It would mean that club players would play one game of hurling a month and one football game.

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teeheee got a great reaction that

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You’ve too much to time on your hands…

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