Football All Stars

The Times is reporting tonight that Stephen Cluxton has not got the goalkeeper AllStar award again this year. If it’s true what does he have to do to get one. No player in GAA history has been the cause of so many rule changes to curtail his influence yet he misses out to inferior goalies more often than not.


If true he has lifted 5 all Irelands as captain - and only once in that time won an All Star - none in any of the four in a row years. If I was a member of the committee that picks these things … I’d be mortified …

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How many all stars did Dublin get in 77,83,95 etc , can t remember without googling etc . Who cares really , Cluxton will be remembered as an all time great so is he bothered !!

Until two years ago I used to be hugely p*ssed off over the selection of the all stars or non selection as the case.

Tomas O’Sé interestingly reckons Cluxo is held to a higher standard than everyone else and thats why he does not get it. Potentially is onto something.

I thought Cluxo was actually POTY last year and didn’t even get an all star.

The new voting system probably allows for a bit of bias toward an anti-dub method and I hate saying thatll because who gives a sh*te. It is the All Ireland winners people really remember

The journalists vote for the all stars and cluxton doesn’t engage with journalists. That’s the main reason . When you have lads like Declan bogue and Martin Breheny voting you have to laugh

He has 5 all stars. But since he’s gone on a unprecedented winning run as captain they have decided to give sympathy votes to other keepers blatantly. But as you say, who gives a shit really . He has gone into history as a winning captain

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■■■■ the all stars. Geebags selecting them. Still stevo starts towing the media line and start taking the phone calls of all the GAA journos he will never win an all star again. Still don’t begrudge beggan. Let him have it. The Clarke’s and beggans of this world are scond best imo.

It’s true. He didn’t get one.

Complete & utter joke shop at this stage.

Not surprised they are a fcuking farce, the players involvement has injected an increases level of bitterness. They are a sympathy reward for loseres, Dublin should just ignore them at this stage.

Correct …just ignore.Howard got his all star so young player will go to Clifford.

In any case congratulations to the other 7 lads … We have lots of current players who have more than 1 All-Star in a time where Dublin players often don’t get overlooked to give someone else a sympathy vote …

At this stage Stevo will be inducted into the Hall of fame before he gets another All Star!
I’m sure that he’s not losing any sleep over it though, and has plenty of better things to be doing tomorrow night than picking up another dust gathering trophy!

Bit odd that Monaghan got more than the AI finalists, no? Don’t the losing finalists usually get 4 or 5? There’d be war in Mayo if they only got 2 in a year they lost (yet) another final.

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Tyrone were the better team in the end but Monaghan’s 3 all stars were more clear stand out performers imo, while Tyrone’s top performances were more spread through the team. Little unusual that the finalists don’t get 2nd most, but I wouldn’t disagree with any of Monaghan’s 3.

I get yer frustration with Cluxton not being recognised, but I still Beggan is well worth it tbh. It’s not nearly as bad an oversight as Clarke getting it last year imo. Cluxton will clearly go down as the all time greatest goalie, and already had a handful of all stars to go along with his Celtic crosses, even if he’s been overlooked in recent years. And who’s to know if Monaghan will get back to another semi and Beggan will have another year as eye catching. Good luck to the lad, I don’t begrudge him it.

As far as the rest of the team is concerned, I’m very surprised to see Burke in ahead of Walsh for Galway, but Burke pulled the strings for Galway so it’s good recognition for him. Also didn’t expect to see McHugh in, if there was a Donegal representative I’d have thought it would be Ban Gallagher and the team would be shuffled around a bit.


Ignoring Cluxton again diminishes the awards and his achievements. It also taints Beggan’s all star which is unfortunate for both of them.

There is no way another county who won the leage and AI (winning every game) would only get 7 all stars. Dublin walked this AI, when KK did it in their pomp they got 13 awards. This is typical anti Dublin GAA begrudgery.


I don’t think it’s a massive upset that Beggan got the all star. He had a very good year. I thought perhaps his final decision in the semifinal and Cluxton’s final performance might have swayed it, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. It’s not like last year were Cluxton had better numbers in pretty much every relevant keeping criteria.


Agree 100%. It’s very unfortunate for the lad that the headline seems to be focused on Cluxton missing out, which suggests Beggan is lucky to be getting an award. He had a fantastic year and had a major influence on multiple big games, he’s a worthy all star without a doubt.

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Am I just imagining that Monaghan lost to Fermanagh, won nothing and didn’t get to an AI final .


Yup yer just imagining it like the rest of us. Stephen Cluxton, the best keeper on the best team has been over looked again. Still while its maddening to ■■■■, the joke shop last year of Clarke getting it will never be topped.


Does that diminish what they did after though? The all stars are basically always picked from quarter finals on - Super 8s in this year’s case, and Monaghan topped their group.