Football Bluestars 2019

15 clubs with nominations in the 2019 Football Bluestars. 13 from Boden, 11 from TD and a well deserved nomination for RTL’s Cormac Howley.

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24 nominations from Senior A final. Not very balanced.

Stephen Smith should have at least got a nomination, not that I am biased or anything

Looks to be based of later champo rounds

Surprised there’s no boughal or trinity gaels players or is it just based off senior championship?

Based on the nominations, it appears to be primarily based on Senior A championship (with particular focus on the Senior A final).

With particular focus on the games in the second half of the year it would seem

So just like every similar set of awards in the history of the gaa??


Absolutely, only as good as your last game.

And only if that last game was the semi finals onwards of the premier competition, if not you can forget about it

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The resources it would take to follow and pick a genuine blues stars selection aren’t there so year becomes about a five six week period , it’s not new just the way it is , getting to as many games as I can you do get to see some gems playing that go under the radar and not all are young up n coming lads either

Not a single player from the match day 26 for the replayed final on the blue stars!

Scary strength and depth

Take out Fitzpatrick and it would be a good obc squad

Seems odd…wonder if it will actually be a decent Dublin team out for the Blue Stars game? When are they going on holliers?

5 from northside. 17 from southside.
Time to again split Dublin?

Any date set yet for the Blue Stars games?

At the dubstars here FOTY is ballybodens Colm basquel



looks like the annual blue stars games won’t be taking place ?