Football Championship Prediction League

Right I know I gave up on this for the last few games of the league, but if anyone fancies it we can get one going for the championship?

Any ideas scoring wise would help as we can’t really give extra points for predicting away wins like we did in the league!

We could maybe go with winning margin predictions? 5 for the correct result, 10 points for correct winning margin, with 1 point less for every point your wrong, so if you’re 5 off you get 5, or if you’re more than 10 off you get none?

I know we missed two games for the hurling but we can get similar doing for it too if the interest is there!


The best way to do these things is to aim for a lower score…I have been in one for the league that was set up by an actuarially minded lad for years, that works a treat.

You get -4 for predicting the correct winner and add one point back for every point you are out by margin of victory (you can predict a draw and you get -6 if right)

Example: Dublin v Meath
RunDMC: Dublin by 5
Witty: Dublin by 12
JFF: Meath by 2

Result: Dublin win by 9 (obvs)

RunDMC = 0 (-4+4)
Witty = -1 (-4+3)…leading
JFF = +11

Lowest score wins (like golf)

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That’s cut me deep @RunDMC that’s cut me real deep. :grin::grin::grin:


Yeh we could do something like that, don’t think the interest is there though :joy: