Football Championship Predictions 2021

So folks, provincial winners and A.I. winners.
Who will it be?

Leinster- Dublin
Munster- Kerry
Connacht- Mayo
Ulster- Tyrone
Overall Winners - Dublin

Only one that one could challenge is Ulster where anything is possible. Not denying that Tyrone are favourites but of the four provinces there the ones I’d least likely put my money on. Mayo more likely to get through as much down to Galways inability to string consecutive decent performances together as opposed to being a superior team. Kerry will get through as will Dublin . As for the overall Dublin to win Sam just think with the best 15 on the pitch we’re still ahead of the rest , that said I’d like to KNOW the goalkeeper position


Mayo can implode too. They fell over Galway last year so you never know. Dublin, Kerry nailed on. Tyrone for me in Ulster with Donegal the main danger. Overall winners a toss up between Dublin and Dublin.


Leinster - Dublin
Munster - Kerry, hope to God I’m wrong
Connacht - Galway
Ulster - Donegal
Sam - 7 in a row

Mayo aren’t imploding under Horan.

Yes …

Leinster - Dublin
Munster - Kerry
Ulster - Tyrone
Connacht - Mayo

Are we to read anything into the fact that Dublin are the only team without a Y?

Expect ulster champions to give the guardians their fill of it if they make semi final in AI

Leinster - Dublin
Munster - The Kingdom of Hurting
Ulster - Donegal
Connaught - Mayo

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Connacht, Mayo.
Leinster, Dublin.
Munster, Kerry.
Ulster, Tyrone.
All-Ireland Champions, Dublin.
Biggest obstacle to Dublin winning Sam, Dublin themselves or officialdom.

Dumb official more like

We should then certainly consider a wherefore

Leinster - The One I Love/Finest Worksong
Connaught - The Great Beyond/End of the World As We Know It
Ulster - World Leader Pretend/Shiny Happy People
Munster - Everybody Hurts/Talk About The Passion

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Connacht: Mayo
Ulster: Donegal
Leinster: Dublin
Munster: Kerry

Overall: Dublin

Only thing that could affect Mayo is playing Div 2 football. Tyrone are probably favourite in Ulster but new management haven’t got them settled yet, Armagh could catch someone on the hop. Kerry and Dublin shoo ins unless some mad stuff happens like Cork last year. Dublin still 6 points better than Kerry or any of the others unless Deano is missing.

Could be kildares year in Leinster …

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More chance of bumping into Sammy Wilson in the Pro-Cathedral.


That is very true