Football Championship Revamp

I haven’t really been following but I can’t find any discussion on the proposed competition format changes - options B seems to be the prefered format with the players, seems to be some kind of league format?

Sounds like a pretty radical change, anyone got a link to a good explainer? Will it get the 60% needed, i see Offaly are behind it.

Basically from what I understand.

Provincials moved to feb/march time and are a standalone competition no connection to AI Series

Two championships

Div 1 & 2- Sam Maguire

Split in to two groups of 8

Group 1- 5 qualify for KO stages

Group 2- 3 Qualifify for KO stages

Remaining teams involved in relegation.

Div 3 & 4- Tailtainn Cup

Same split for KO stages

Not certain on how many come up and down

All teams guaranteed at least 7 championships game late spring/summer with teams at their level, with a tangible competition to win & the carrot of promotion for upwardly mobile teams

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Jaysus that is pretty radical. Sounds good to me.

Similar to Tayto not sure of the details
what are the implications (knock on effect) for club game ?
Maybe a stupid question but if there is a change in the calender as per option B will hurling be effected running along similar timelines ? or does that code stay the same ?

The provincials will be an absolute damp squid. In essence the O’Byrne Cup. Who cares really. Tailteann Cup? Tommy Murphy Cup? Lads off to America for money and craic.

Heard it all before. Didn’t work

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Yea but they’re pretty much meaningless as it is, except for ulster of course.

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Isnt the split season happening next year, so should be more room for club game overall.

That’s what Ive heard ,however if league for club is pre-covid it normally starts Feb ,hurling usually late Feb , is that the same and running along side the new provincial format ?
Then what are the exact months for County Championship and the exact months for club championship , hypothetically Dublin get to an all Ireland final when will championship kick off at club level
I’m assuming all of this will be fairly transparent if/when vote takes place and a calender is produced

Good questions, i dont know.

Well, officially the provincial championships always stand on their own, it just happens that the provincial champions can progress to the all ireland (im not sure if by rule they are compelled to, i assume they are) so removing the right to go into the all ireland series may make the provinces a bit more competitive if the likes of Kerry and Dublin dont put their strongest teams into them. FWIW, I think Dublin would be putting their strongest team into at least a final, assuming the leinster stays as it is and we get at best three matches. If they turn it onto a league it would be interesting.


The all ireland series would be fantastic potentially.

Well, as Paul Flynn said on second captains last week - you will never get consensus on this, all you can do is engage everyone and then go make a decision. At the moment what we have isnt working (apparently) so why not try this for, say, three years?


gpa put up short clear video outlining proposal b

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Welcome @dub20201 Have a link?

I just wish they’d settle on something and stick with it. The constant tinkering in both codes since 1998 is absolutely ludicrous

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well, maybe they will tinker with the hurling a bit more so we can have a proper Ulster and Connaught Championship.

Nor to mention playing rules …


The lads off to America is already happening , the county game is essentially dead in most of those D4 counties

Speaking to a lad from Sligo he said there’s fellas who couldn’t make school panels in their 5th and 6th year populating the county team

No one goes and no cares about them already , keeping the old system won’t revitalise any of that bottom 8


Rumour has it neither proposal will get the 60 percent

Even though option B is a no brainer

Gotta love the GAA and Congress .

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