Football Championship Revamp

No super 8s either

There isn’t a game in the country that has a product nearly as bad as IC football imo, including LOI soccer in that


I agree . It’s absolutely shambolic .

Provincial championship is a bore . The super 8s marginally less so

Most teams get two championship games a year in a competition 90 percent of the participants aren’t even capable of getting to a provincial final never mind winning it


It looks like option B will fail by a large margin so it’s back to the status quo.



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Really? feck sake, so back to super 8s or the same dross as this year?

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Super 8s is dross too

Ulster council love holding the association to ransom

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Money doesn’t talk.

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It was but it is better then this muck. Can’t blame Ulster in ways they’re the only province with a functioning football championship

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Maybe when that is explained to a few counties that might change a few minds. Not to mention extra coverage & tv money from extra games.

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But half the counties in Ulster have no chance of winning it so they get two games a year

yea it’s bollocks, even munster hurling relented and went round robin, but then it was still munster.

maybe they couldve had a rest of ireland group (like leinster hurling) and a Ulster group or something = messy enough.

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Essentially they are trying to design a competition that all 32 (2 london & NY) have an equal chance of winning. This will never happen. If you have 32 teams in a county you would grade into senior/inter/junior or a/b/c whatever name you put on it.

The best intercounty competition is the league as its graded. Good games home and away. The only drawback is that towards the end teams starting looking at all ireland.

You have four provincial councils who will not go away quietly, turkeys dont vote for Christmas.

The best system for smaller counties is actually an open draw straight knock out as on a given day they might pull off a shock. Any other system, back door or super 8 suits stronger counties.

Both plans will fail as we fail recognise the counties need to be graded with promotion/relegation. Club championship does it Lgfa does it and hurling does it. Any other tinkering is just window dressing.


this is not true , they are not trying to design a competition that everyone has an equal chance of winning, and they are graded with promotion and relegation

Tiered system like Hurling, simple and move on. There’s too many County Boards clinging onto their “We’ve a right to play for Sam”, with little or no consideration for players breaking their bollocks every year for one game.


This :point_up:

Yes, yes. But Leitrim.

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If I was to ask Andy Moran what would be his preference, I’d say more games.

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Then what are they trying to do ? At the back of it all is a view all counties have a shot at Sam. I guarantee biggest opposition will be amongst Div 3 and 4 counties.

The backdoor was brought in for weaker counties to give them more games and chance of making a break through. To me one they did that the provincial winner takes all began to die. I’m not against round Robin all for it in fact, but if you do round Robin you have to grade teams and provincial title becomes meaningless.

I’d assume DCB would hold strong opinions either way.

And yet the majority of Ulster players still support option B. It seems well over 60% of all groups support it apart from the group of lads who will be making the ultimate decision. I think it is going to be very demoralizing for a lot of players when this doesn’t pass. Dangling the carrot of a meaningful inter county season only to snatch it away at the last minute.

My only hope is they have an alternative rejig in the making so they don’t want to commit to this one right now. As far as I’m concerned option B is a no brainer and should at the very least be given a trial run.

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If only he had a podcast to tell us how he feels!

Here’s what he said on this week’s pod

  • He’s hearing that most counties want it
  • For Leitrim it would be “unbelievable”
  • Current format is not worth the effort for smaller counties
  • Thinks there should be some tweaks to the current proposal
  • Overall the proposal is “really really strong”
  • More games good for sponsorship opportunities and marketing
  • 7 guaranteed championship games is “a dream come true” for players