For Kimmage and the journos who think they are more important than the sports they write about


Now, clutch at straws
Open your mouth
Before your heart
And fabricate
It’s too late
You look the fool
No, not I
And just for one minute
If you could jump
Into your world
Now write a script, not a scroll
You’re young not old
Now say so
Now you’ve got it made
Now you get paid and that’s what matters
You’ve got it all wrong

That’s not the truth
No, no, no
That’s not the truth
No, no, no
And if you believe that’s the truth, the whole truth
Then take it all down
Some stupid, poxy journalist is sitting on my shoulder

Dave Couse had them all pegged.

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Best Irish band ever. I almost cried at their last gig. Their failure to make it is the greatest crime Irish people ever committed against music.

I thought U2 were?


Best band ever? A common, and completely wrong, assumption :wink:
As a crime against music on the other hand…

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Better than Ray Lynam and The Hillbillies? You’re being silly now!


Yes, the crime… I should have clarified.

I believe the late George Byrne was the stupid poxy journalist in question. Perhaps like endless art mr couse might do a new version to include the dunphy and kimmage fellas in his rant.

Met him a number of times. Apt description. For him and most of the early Hot Press set.

Bloggers demanding facts? jaysus - they just report whatever the ell they want without checking fact in a lot of cases.

While the MSM might have it’s faults, the real problem now is propaganda dressed up as news.

What about Rocky DeValera and the Gravediggers?

I vaguely remember seeing them in the basement in Toner’s in the 70s. It was a fire trap - only one narrow stairs in or out. The good old days!

I don’t think it was the Irish people to blame for it TBH @alanoc & I remember Dave’s comments from that night but thinking he was just being his usual sarcastic self

Many fantastic Irish bands have had the same issues in that they couldn’t make it abroad so were always fighting a losing battle & I was gutted when Kerbdog called it a day in 1998

Westshite , the coronas , the love for Ed sheerhan, kodaline , the corrs oh we re to blame alright. A House and cathal coughlan s various outfits microdisney/ Fatima mansions were criminally neglected. Saw a House live loads of times always a great gig.


Cry Before Dawn … Wexford’s finest until Matty

i read somewhere that kimmage attended the press conferance, sat down the back and laughed at what JG was saying. Did he not think to ask any questions? We’ve all seen lads like that at the back of meetings and so on. Snorting to themselves, shaking their head, yet never actually contributing anything.

does he not know that the winning manager always goes into the losing teams dressing room to have a few words? Has it not dawned on him that nobody from the Mayo team, management or county board have said a bad word about how Jim behaved? It seems to be just privileged journalists having a temper tantrum, throwing their toys out of the pram…


His behaviour on the radio on Sunday was very odd and irrational. The more I think about it, the more I think he might be genuinely unwell. I hope he isn’t but I just cannot fathom any other logic for the kind of tirade he went on over nothing.

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Came to the same conclusion. Take about looking for something to take offense at. there’s snowflakes but then there’s his performance the other day. It was kinda pathetic really.

Agree, it was as if the fucker was having a breakdown. I think gavin might have snubbed him or else Kimmage is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Anyway the fucker is always crying never stops.