For Kimmage and the journos who think they are more important than the sports they write about

Kimmage fell out with a gentleman like Brian O’Driscoll, I think that speak volumes.

The Undertones are the greatest ever Irish band imho.

Whatever happened to them? Are they gone forever?

The highly-esteemed and late John Peel would probably agree with you.

He’s got Teenage Dreams on his headstone hasn’t he?

We can but hope.

( and yes I got the pun.
Puns should be rewarded with a 3 day ban! )

Hallelujah !!

For coming up with such an idea you’ve won yourself a copy of Shay Given’s new book :kissing_heart:


What’s it called, “ME, ME LOOK AT ME!!!” ?

Perfect kindling for a damp day such as this…

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It’s established fact the best Irish band ever was Van Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra, circa 1973/4. Those cats could play.

We already have a jokes thread…


Yes they could. But bar Van they weren’t actually Irish.

But they were awesome!

Cough cough … where’s @Iomaint when you need him…

ps @_TL established fact me hole :smirk:

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What is Irishness anyway? Like gender, news and GAA funding stats, it’s all subjective really.


Exactly! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Great oxygen for this guy - now on SOR with D Brady about Jackie Tyrrell’s book and cheating in sport etc. Love this new found morality … let’s go for it.

Has to be honour in winning whinges Kimmage - FFS does he watch soccer???

I have never heard such bolloxology as I am listening to here - unbelievable Jeff. You’d swear fellas were getting shot on the pitch … have never heard such bolloxology. Infuriating.

switched it off. can’t escape that righteous bollox.


Switched it on (unfortunately). Thought exactly the same.

Seems he picked up a sidekick in Brady on the sojourn for his Mayo article pre the final & they’re crossing the Irish prairies now :roll_eyes:
Seems they can’t pin it on the ref this time so we need rule changes to let the good, honest guys from the West take home the prize. Naive in the extreme.

Can you imagine this whole narrative taking flight if Mayo had won? That’s the elephant in the room, for me.

Did they mention an airborne GPS?

Do they remember the semi in 2012? Aido’s swan lake impressions? Cillian’s Black Card tricks, Leeroy over the edge? Vaughan? Boyle? Barrett? All Saints …