Foul whistled after ball was kicked

Had a scenario in a match at the weekend where the whistle was blown after the ball was kicked.

The kick resulted in a goal and goal was given. Had a look in the rule book and couldn’t see anything that would account for this scenario.

I’d have always thought that what happened after the whistle was blown was null and void. The goal would be disallowed and you’d go back to the free.

Appreciate views and place in rulebook that accounts for this.

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Your post is confusing. Did the ball go directly to the net? If so you could claim advantage. I have seen balls kicked and a free awarded for a late hit go over the bar and be allowed by the ref. The advantage rule would apply I think. Not officially, but I have seen it done.

Sorry I’ll clarify yes the ball went straight in the net.

Was in Cork and on the balance of play I don’t the referee was aware of the advantage rule. There was no hand raised and free happened more or less as it was being kicked.

Appreciate your thoughts anyway.

I’ve definitely seen points given in that situation. So I presume a goal would be as well.

Rule 2.2 part iii

When a player is fouled immediately after he plays the ball away and a score results, it shall stand. Otherwise, the referee shall award a free kick from where the foul occurred or, if more advantageous, from where the ball lands or crosses the sideline…


Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for.

I was reading the rules here:

Can you share a link for where you read that. Appreciate the info.

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Sorry scratch that. I see that there now. Much appreciated.

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Points scored can be high enough not to be saved. What if the whistle was blown and the keeper didn’t try to save it because the whistle went. You can’t allow a goal then!