Freedom of the City

Congratulations to Jim Gavin on his award of the Freedom of the City of Dublin which was decided by DCC this evening. It’s an honor that is hugely deserved for all he has done since his appointment in 2012. He is also the 2nd Dublin manager (Heffo) to get that award.


I’m starting the campaign for Tommy Lyons to get it right here .

That’s just arseboxing.

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Tommy could be given the freedom of Achill

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Wouldn’t give him the freedom of Ballymun Rd never mind Dublin…


Ah cmon Tommy gave us 2002 . Remember what the real dark years of 96-01 were like. It was a magic year . I almost (note almost) forgive for the following 2 years. I propose the freedom of Santry lane for Tommy.


Well done DCC. The man is ultimately a city legend!

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good!! :sunglasses:

Congratulations to Jim Gavin. Richly deserved award.

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Definitely deserves it but seems a bit premature while he’s still Dublin manager and would seem more suitable to give it to him when he steps down. Smacks to me of councilors trying to hitch their wagon to the Dublin team as much as possible while it is still top billing but maybe that’s just me. Hope it doesn’t turn into an awkward presentation on Sunday.


I disagree, I think he should only get the freedom of Ballymun Lane.

Best of luck to Jim and his sheep in town

Jim already has the freedom of South Dublin .
Got it in 2016, they were miles ahead of DCC

I’d rather cycle over a mile of cobblestones with two punctures and a boil on my arse.


I think this north v south split might just work …

I’d rather boil my arse than have the freedom of the SS

Not many cobblestones in the South Dublin area . Nice honour given to a local man though in 2016 :blush:

Does JG have to turn up at a formal meeting of the council or in the Mansion house to get bestowed? Or might the mayor do it on Sunday?

Dunno but I think if you’re giving it back you need to make a huge song and dance about it and bring all the media with you. At least that’s what Sir Bob Geldof did.

Wouldn’t be great fan of Sir Bob, but he had good case over handing his back over the Burmese woman who was busily slaughtering her own people as a Free Person of Dublin.

Was looking at the list, and a few including the Obamas have never been formally conferred. Forget who the other one was.

JG will hardly not turn up, but I’d say he was morto! Or is that just another part of his sinister plan for world domination?

If he turned up to collect the SCC one he clearly has no moral compass at least in this stuff.

The freedom of Jobstown. You’re grand.