Fridge/Freezer advice

Purchased a fridge freezer (similar to the one below) in August 2014 from power city (along with microwave, oven, TV’s etc). It came with a one year warranty and we used the warranty to get the fan repaired last year. Now its gone again and we’re fridge-freezerless since friday. An absolute pain in the hole having kids etc.

Now Hotpoint wont budge, the citing the warranty is out of date and power city seem to be the same position. (They want €120 for an engineer to call out) I’m gonna visit them today to trash it out. I want a replacement product. This fridge was €540 and no way should it be on its deathbed already.

Any advice?

Don’t buy Hotpoint, they’re fucking shite :grin: went through a few of their products in a much shorter time frame than I would’ve thought.

They should do something for you as a good will gesture especially if it’s the fan that has gone again considering it was previously repaired (I’m not sure what warranty you get on repairs/replacements)

Was there a warranty on the part (fan) involved? Is it the fan that’s gone again or a different part?

If you need to repair it further (and pay for it) just steer clear of Hotpoint. Look up a private repair engineer.

Sale of goods act, supply of services - goods not of merchantable quality or fit for purpose. Product should last longer than that and should be repaired, regardless of warranty - the above act supersedes warranty. If they still refuse to entertain you, threaten the small claims court, and follow through if need be.

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Had a similar issue with Powercity regarding my TV . Spent €1600 on and it developed cloudy patches 4 months outside of warranty . Rang them up , doesn’t matter which place you bought it you are redirected to one number and you leave a message . I explained that I understood that it was out of warrenty but what or who could I contact about getting it repaired . They said they would get back to me on it . Then I rang a local guy and he was adamant that they had to take it back regardless of it been out of warrenty and to hold your ground on it . That they would take it back and service it for free . Well it took me almost 3 months of phone calls and emails and chatting with both Powercity and Samsung but it eventually got sorted . But god it was so bloody annoying . I wouldn’t want to go through it again .