GAA Archive

Not sure if this has been posted but has added a pretty comprehensive video archive to it’s website. It has All-Irelands in both codes from the early 60’s. I’m sure I’ll let myself be dragged down memory lane some idle afternoon.

Cheers D’o

The football ones of this decade have proved the best viewing :slight_smile:

Devling in and out of this the last few days - quite enjoyable from 2011 on. Don’t want to be too critical (but I will) but there seems to be little snippets that have no place in a 6 minute package. Passages of play that go nowhere. An Alan Brogan miss in 2011 for example - why? Why not show another score?

In 2015 it was 8-4 to us at half time but they showed only a couple of our first half scores and all of Kerry’s. I reckon they showed maybe 7 of their 9 but far less of our 12. Again there are some meaningless passages. But it is good all the same.

I’ve watched most of the clips before but it’s nice to have them all at your fingertips on one site