GAA books

A couple extracts from Cathal McCarron and Kieran Donaghy books

Sounds like an interesting read. The part were he blew 68k in 3 days. He obviously didnt just have that and just have won it gambling in the days before, so he didnt really lose that :slight_smile:

Dorothy on late late now

Is Jim McGuinness book any good?

McGuinness’s book - I only read the chapters on the buildup to our 2014 semi which unfortunately are very good and interesting. If the rest of the book is of the same quality it should be an excellent read,

I also saw Donaghey on the Late Late - alas, he was very good, spoke well, was very interesting - and most upsettingly, seemed like a top chap.

Donaghy spoke well though Tubridy is brutal at interviewing. Hasn’t a clue about sport.

As for McGuinness book I think someone needs to tell him there is no medals handed out for winning semi finals. All about praising himself for semi final win against Dublin but little about losing final to Kerry when failed to alter his tactics when chasing game in final 10 minutes.

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I’ve seldom read a GAA players/managers book that isn’t a bit like that. Donal Ogs was a painful read, I read it to fund out more about the players strikes and anytime it got interesting it was interrupted by “we are Cloyne so ■■■■ everybody else” Dan shanahans was equally as bad. I liked Sean Ogs I have to say, gave an interesting insight into what it was like playing the game being a different race especially at underage and the different things he encountered.

Was thinking of buying McGuinness book but I did fear it would be all about how he beat us in the semi final. He seems to be more renowned for that than winning the All Ireland, well according to himself anyway.

Let’s draw a line under this once & for all . We were flying it that year , blowing teams out of the water . What they did to us was extraordinary only in the fact that we absolutely collapsed & had no answers when questioned of us . I truly couldn’t have for seen what was come to pass in that semi considering how we started the game . But for them not to seal the deal against an average Kerry team is a complete failure and huge blot on Jimmy’s CV which never got the exposure it deserved at the time or since . He won ONE AI , got dismantled by Mayo the year after and lost an AI to a poor Kerry team . EF actually had a better run over his tenure with Kerry but doesn’t nearly get as much credit . AI semi in 13 , won it in 14 , AI final in 15 and AI semi in 16 .


I wouldn’t go that far! – Came across ok on friday but skipping through book he’s not the type of guy i’d want to spend too much time with it to be honest

. Very evident from skipping through book that after 2015, he worked his hole off pre season to give it one more year and earn his place back ( which he did). The book is set up for 2016 to be his swan song the way it reads, with hopefully for him, culminating in an All ireland

But like every Kerry Man, when they don’t win an All ireland, they come back again for more. I fully expect O Mahoney to hang around next year also.

Cant see how AOM will be back personally

Would be in Fitzmaurice’s and Kerry’s interest to retire him if he doesn’t go himself but
i wouldn’t be betting on either happening.

AOM still has a lot to offer - great tackle on Philly well into semi 2nd half …

Started reading Cathal Mc Carron’s book today on lunch and read about 50 odd pages and it seems decent enough and not your usual GAA book

He was lucky the judge didn’t throw it at him yesterday …

Did he go down?

Don’t know but he got €500 fine to homeless charity.

He’ll be grand, just stick a tenner on a 50/1 shot and he’ll be able to pay it

Or a few bob on the sure shot Knock …

So he did… on the judge?