GAA Broadcasting Rights

Much the same for 2017, except for radio where Newstalk has lost out to RTE who now have full radio rights to Championship games.

Giving Saturday evening National League rights to Eir Sport is a pain! Most homes in Dublin get their TV coverage through Virgin Media who refuse to carry Eir and BT sport.

No mention of GAAGO at all?

pain in the hoop, i have virgin as well and i’m not getting Eir.

Switch. I went to Sky. Got a fantastic deal. Even after the discount runs out I’ll still be paying less in a year’s time than I am with Virgin now and that’s including the Eir subscription. And there’s no comparison on other content. Sky walk all over Virgin. There are dishes going up all over the area and I’m not at all surprised.

A quote from Newstalk:

Off the Ball produced some iconic moments this year – in addition to our full coverage of Euro 2016, the Rio Olympics and the Paralympics, we grilled Lance, toasted the Dubs and drank in another successful season of Irish rugby.

Just look at that bit in bold…

Gilroy and Molloy are always trying to stick the knife into the Dubs as was Parkinson in his time there

That said, the decision to just give the radio rights to RTÉ is not right either as they will foist the same old fecking dinosaurs on us like they do year after year

In what alternative reality did they toast the dubs?

For those abroad I recently found a great site for streaming with access to all stations , rte , bbc , all sky sports … Direct link to it live all the time … Great quality n 45 pounds a year

Really? might have to have a look, murdoch still owns sky?

Time to get rid of her if she’s not producing the goods. Plenty more out there willing to satisfy your needs!!! :wink::yum:

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Sky much better, although broadband can be a lot slower.

Not yet. He did launch a takeover bid for it though this week. Sky is not currently majority owned by Murdoch. He only has 39% at present

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I have a problem giving that bollox any money.

As opposed to Richard Branson?

They’re all the same at the end of the day.

Fair point. although i’d not sure branson is quite as evil as murdoch.

How do you know you’re not giving him any of your money already? He could have shares in any amount of companies that you buy goods and services from. Best you just lock the front door and stay inside :wink:

I already have! :joy:

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I do like the Newstalk radio coverage usually, it is a different style to RTE and works better. Although Newstalk in general do nothing for the GAA, even their sport show (Off the Ball), gives it very little coverage and actually shortens the show for an hour during the peak GAA season - because their isn’t enough British soccer to talk about (which they call football!).

However, RTE radio is just hideous for sport. I met three separate people who claimed to have been irrevocably damaged because they had to listen to Bernard Flynn during this year AI final. The final Sunday of the league is hilarious where they always get the promotion and relegation details wrong until some anonymous texter sorts it out for them. Also their panel discussions are terrible. I once heard a discussion about how there should be quarter finals in the hurling league Division 1 (where there are only six teams), on the same day they said Waterford were sure to be relegated, when they were the only team safe. They have a coterie of contributors who just spout inane rubbish, Bernard Flynn, Tom Dempsey, Tommy Carr and a few more.

RTE TV is much much better, except for the match commentary, which, it must be said, no malice intended (add your own cliché as required) is utterly unlistenable to. But the studio discussions are great stuff.

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Don’t agree. How anyone can think Spillane, Brolly and O’Rourke are worth listening to is beyond me. As Diarmo described them Clowns!

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It’s a typo … it should read ‘roasted’.

Have to say I may be an old dinosaur here (help Bart!!) but I am totally against any pay per view for GAA.

First it is an amateur organisation (ok ok) so any comparisons to soccer or rugby are just not relevant. How much money does the GAA need? Yes you could argue every penny it can get … but at what price? People are giving up huge hours in underage coaching and voluntary activity and then can’t watch their own county team (some of whom they may have coached) without paying for the privilege? So unless you subscribe to a foreign TV company (pardon the xenophobia) after you come home from 2 hours of coaching at the academy on a Sunday morning you may not be able to watch your national sport. And the kids you were coaching may not be able to see their GAA heroes either. Oh well … at least they may get soccer on the Beeb …

And spare me the bringing the games to a wider audience insult. A short while after the first Sky deal the GAA launched GAAGO … to bring the games to a wider audience. As a mate of mine used to say 'I don’t mind ya sh***ing on my head, just don’t rub it in …" It is a purely commercial (ie money making) decision - at least front up and admit that.

Are we in danger of losing Irish jobs when taking away our coverage from Irish based entities - not the GAA’s problem I hear you scream! Correct … and Hayes Hotel is a long way back … Remember too that there was little or no financial difference to HQ in those initial bids by Sky and (free to air for all GAA members) TV3. John Costello argues about social capital … this is not a million miles away from that concept …

There are people now earning large salaries in the GAA and most are earning them , but ‘because I’m worth it’ syndrome may be rearing it’s head too. And if commercialism and money becomes the focus - increasingly the case - then we are moving further away from the ideals of 1882 with every passing year.

Like I said earlier, maybe I’m a dinosaur but the shrug shoulders acceptance of pay per view among GAA people has surprised and disappointed me in equal measure.