GAA Calendar Issues - Your Solution

We are all aware of the issues we have with our calendar. So I’m interested to read what people think is the solution to it all.

With Leagues, Provincials, Round Robins and final stages of senior inter county all to be played, do we need all that? Are provincials done for? Pre-season competitions? Are competitions too spread out? Starting season in December or November? Should there be an inter county training cap?

At club you’ve leagues, county championship, provincials, AI series. Should it all be run off in the one calendar year? Is county championship format an issue? Does April work as a club only month?

Then you’ve the dilemma of almost club v county. Who should get the hard sod in the summer time? Can they be run alongside each other and allow for club dual players? Logistically can that even work?

Then you’ve college competitions, u17, u20 competitions. When should they be played and should u20s be allowed play senior? Should it be u21 and u18 again?

There’s quite a bit there and a lot to weigh up. So go on.
Fix it. :blush:

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Club before county. Simple as that. Let the majority play something. Be it old school straight knock out competitions at all levels then so be it. That can be ran off in 8 weeks.

If they get a chance to play inter county games then that’s a bonus


I was at county committee meetings under the guise of Bailey and Kettle et al. The debates about club v county championship, timing, knock-out and priorities etc. I’m not sure any of them would know how or what way to handle such a shortened season (if it even happens). It’s unprecedented and just mad!

Personally, I’d let the DOH choose first and the GAA central council choose next.

Onwards and upwards.

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