GAA & Covid 19

A separate thread for how the GAA will be affected by recent announcements made today.


believe it or not, no word officially if the Scor Senior Munster final is going ahead or not. its on the 28th so right at the end of the 100 people indoor period. I assume it isnt going ahead.

Hard to see anything go ahead before the 29th at this point. Everything has been cancelled regardless of the 100 or 500 maximum gathering allowed. A very strange few weeks lies ahead.

If the gaa pull everything does that mean players aren’t insured for the next two weeks?

if they cant train is that an issue?

That would imply that players would be training when it’s clear that the instructions are not to do so

Just got email from the club stating any activity during this period is not covered by GAA Insurance.


All activity cancelled in our club.

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This will not be resolved by the 29th if anything we’re facing tighter lockdown from then, if not before then, i’d say it could be a quiet summer on the playing field of Ireland.


Such a lovely turn of phrase for such a horrible vista :confused:

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Players are free to do their own individual training if they want once it’s not organised by club.

Same with us

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Our management doing up plans for players to train at home…suppose that means stretches, weights if some have them, running, cycling etc…everyone is in the same boat here

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Plenty of time to train collectively for 2021 season. Hopefully we might squeeze in a club championship in sept-oct.

Club month in April cattle trucked now…

I assume that means activity on the club grounds even if it was one lad running up and down the field ?

Surely the one lad doing his on bit isn’t covered by insurance if he gets injured in normal circumstances?

We’ll be lucky to see anything this summer imho.

What’s the chances of a bunch of inter county player all coincidentally going to the gym at the same time or going for a kick about on the same pitch. It’s unlikely that all managers are going to completely keep their groups apart.

I wonder are they free and insured to use the club gym? Or say a player running by himself on the club gym?

I’m just thinking if a club organized so only 1 player at a time was in the pitch?