GAA & Covid 19

it really will show them up to a bunch of freelancing mercenaries if they instruct players to do this

I’m trying to imagine Davey Fitz’s voice saying, “pure coincidence, boss, pure coincidence”.


I was thinking of him but didn’t want to be the one to say it

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Players can’t be stopped from doing their own thing, lot of lads train themselves on Club pitches.

If the club use public pitches then jog on (excuse the pun) nobody can realistically be stopped going for runs etc unless councils physically close the gates of parks etc. however all activities within club property are suspended, this is a directive and all codes of the association have rowed in behind and was refreshing to see the joint statement GAA, Camoige, LGFA making it clear that training and matches for all is not to take place, there are clubs that have literally closed up shop this evening including halls and gyms, the gates are literally closed and rightly so. Not sure of the clubhouse bar though??

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Of course lads train by themselves ive done it myself…but this is not normal circumstances.

Anyway I’ve heard the gates to our club may be locked tomorrow if not already done.

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The shutter will be down on our club for the 2 weeks I’m told so no using the gym

All indicators point to this situation dragging on a lot longer than 2 weeks. If April becomes a no - activity month what can the GAA reasonably do? Cancel all leagues including at club level and just try and play championships? Thats easy enough done at club level with very few games played as of today but at intercounty level we are down to the last couple of games. Will Mayo secure division 1 status by default

Plenty of variables that could and probably are being considered, League could be prematurely ended, new tier 2 Tailteann Cup deferred for a year, play straight knockout championship, abandon super 8 this year (won’t someone think of the asterisk … oops) not saying any of the above will or should happen just pointing out possible options available.
As for our Club games in dublin, the Championship could commence when we eventually get back, swap a league week to ensure we get back on track and play any league back matches in the summer by not having the traditional 3 week break at end July to mid August.

stretch out the season and forgoe leinster and all ireland club championships for one year

there are no gyms open to train in, seems like all the ones here have closed on the basis that it is an un-necessary social gathering. parkrun is off, which is an outdoor activity where it is mostly under 100 people (outdoor limit being 500) over a 5k course. all AAI training and activities - which are mostly outdoors - off.

There are a few of us still going to go running, and i am quite happy to run for 10 miles or cycle 30 on my own, so you can - in fact you should - get out and try to keep your life as normal as you can.


Or let provincial club championships be played after Christmas of 2021 then all Ireland. You wouldn’t seen club players back with county until championship but that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Also shortening gap between provincial matches to maybe get them run off in 4 weeks

Will be a big change for me not being able to use that gym :woozy_face:

Go back to playing Club finals on St Patrick’s Day 2021. Semi finals in February will allow provincial games to be played after Christmas


Just scrap the provincials and all Ireland club, no need for them and certainly no need to be trying to squash them in at the start of next year

It actually will for me :joy::man_shrugging:

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County Board just sent this out to all clubs:

A Chara,

Please circulate within your Club.

All matches and training for G.A.A. teams at every level (inter-county and club) and age group (adult and juvenile) have been postponed until after 29th March.

No organised or “un-organised” training can take place during this period…

Club grounds must not to be used for collective training.

The G.A.A. Players Injury Scheme is suspended from today until 29th March inclusive.

Players can of course train on an individual basis, commensurate with their ability, in preparation for upcoming championships.

C.C.C. Áth Cliath will make a decision in relation to the scheduling of fixtures after March 29th having considered the advice from the Government, H.S.E. and G.A.A. Central Council.

personally just play the county championships from september till year end and just scrap the provincial piece

realistically we won’t know until after loons from cheltenham come home as to how bad the damage will be - hard to see anything much before may anyway

Tipp warm weather training in Spain. (Dubs have all the money).

Will all have to self isolate on return.

Are the 3 keepers gone as well