GAA Discipline

What can be done by clubs, county boards and Croke Park to tackle the lack of discipline that currently exists within the GAA or are they happy to carry on as is? The links below highlight incidents over the past couple of weeks, some far more serious than others. Many, many other incidents go unreported and frequently challenged by the clubs involved.

2nd one down is vile, leg break. Life ban.

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I think it’s interesting that the county boards who are th arbiters of justice in these cases are also adept at and willing to defend the indefensible in order to get players bans removed .

I accept there is a question of degrees here but surely a county board loses some of its moral authority of on one hand it’s dishing out the punishments and in other incidents defending high profile rule infractions .

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Agree, but 13 year old getting knocked out tops it in my view!

100% correct. On the one hand they are issuing suspensions while on the other defending the indefensible all the way to the DRA. Which has been an absolute disaster from a GAA point of view.

The rules on discipline are written like and treated like a legal document. They shouldn’t be. The simpler it is the less grounds there are for appeals. There is absolutely no need for anything to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt as would be expected in a court of law. It’s a joke that in essence that is what we have.

We take from other sports ad nauseum these days. In my view we should be taking from AFL for discipline. A recommended penalty, one hearing and an increased penalty if your hearing fails.

That would cut out an awful lot of crap.

And to finish I got into a small bit of trouble once for saying at a meeting that there are types of people the GAA could do without. The kind who assault others on the pitch for example. I didn’t apologise then and I don’t now. I know of only one lifetime ban issued by the GAA. I can think of plenty of others that should have been imposed.


Great idea. The GAA don’t need these people. Life bans with no grounds for appeal

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A friend of mine took someone to court over an incident in a GAA match.
The GAA actually tried to slyly ‘intervene’ and prevent it going to court but they were unsuccessful.
He won in court, the other chap got a suspended sentence and a fine (which my friend gave to charity)

Did the GAA contact him directly?

This is one of GAA failure to tackle disciplinary problems. It stems from inter county level. Same every year referee throw out the red cards like confetti in league and 1st round of championship. Come the Quarter Final the rules change red cards get overturned due to technicality

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Yeah they tried to arrange for the two of them to meet - maybe as an intermediary thing, not sure - which apparently would have forced the case to have been thrown out.

fair play to your mate for pursuing it. This “what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch” motto is no good if you are left of out pocket if put up a serious injury.