GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship - Round Robin

Does anybody know when the Throw-in times will be released and if Kildare’s nominated home ground is Dr.Cullen Park in Carlow?

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If so that’s a big shame. But probably not logistically possible due to tv rights and gate receipts.

Will the Sligo game be in croker?


Depends if you class Croker as a neutral ground or not :wink:

A certain manager from Kildare might throw his toys out of the pram if we play Sligo there :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sell Croker out?

Very optimistic.

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Yes, each team will play one home game, one away game and one game at a neutral venue. With Croke Park the chosen neutral venue during the round robin phase, Dublin may play twice at Croke Park, as it is also their home venue.

All-Ireland SFC round robin format explained as GAA issue pre-championship update - The Irish News.

Yeah I had a feeling it would work out that way. cheers

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Well you might get 50k instead of 30k.

So we are definitely playing Sligo in Croker?? Surely not!?!?!

Heard Portlaoise for Kildare game.

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Should be played in Mullingar. Heard Brefni Park mentioned as well.

I’m not sure how they are getting the notion that Croke Park will be the chosen venue for the neutral games, I haven’t seen a specific venue mentioned anywhere else. I sincerely hope we are not fixed to play it in Croke Park. You would struggle to get 20k at it. At least if you have a crowd that size in Breffni or Carrick-on-Shannon there will be a bit of atmosphere at the game.

There will be murder on the dancefloor if we have 2 games in croker


You wouldnt even get close to 20k at it. Most likely all teams will know their faith by then so its going to a dead rubber of all dead rubbers

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Judging by the support yesterday we are back to days of them only coming out at the latter stages it seems .

Rest of Ireland have every right to throw the toys out of the pram if that Sligo game is scheduled for Croker. It would be the biggest own goal of all time by Croke Park and would prove that there is nobody in there with a shred of common sense. They get all the stick they deserve if they schedule that.

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We should refuse to play there … sick of Dublin playing away from home.

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Full round of adult club games clashing with the first game anyway. Presume it’s the same for all 3 games

Maybe date wise, but has the starting time been announced yet? Haven’t seen it.