GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship - Round Robin

Haven’t seen much if any Mayo hype meself, where? Though I don’t entirely trust McStay to remain on top of it either…

I see no overhype, all I see is Galway and to a lesser extent Dublin being exhaulted as the teams to win Sam. To be honest this is probably an accurate assessment of reality. I haven’t seen any hype about Mayo, most certainly inside the county, and not that much outside. If anything the discussions about the demise of Kerry have entered the realm of hyperbole.

The team that beat Kerry in the knockout stages will win the All Ireland.


You know the weather is good when ‘hype’ gets rolled out. That phantom variable when you run out of explanations.

But who is getting hyped?

Galway, Dublin, Mayo, Derry, Roscommon?

The Kerry hype train has gone into hiding for now!

Dunno, people might’ve said the same about the team that beat Dublin in 2012, Donegal in 13, Dublin in 14, and so on. Champions have often gone out a bit tamely the following year, and what’s more, the hype around the team that beats them might even be part of why that team struggles to go on to win Sam.

Unless they beat them in the final.

Mentality… we will be well beaten Sunday because our players will expect to be. It’s hard explain but we give ourselfa chance in recent years v Galway and mayo but shit the togs outside that. Whereas mayo and Galway have been at similar level to outside teams. Hard explain but for example we beat mayo already but mayo will go further. And these games count between us. We are beat before ball is thrown in mentally whereas we could play mayo tomorrow and give them a game again. Dublin will hammer us

Galway Mayo Kerry and Dublin only contenders

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If Roscommon beat Dublin, wouldn’t that mean Mayo potentially have Dublin in the Quarters (if Mayo win the group).

I think once Roscommon break the mentality barrier they will flourish outside of the province. 1989 and more especially 1996 is when Mayo stopped being beaten before crossing the Shannon.

Hopefully but running out of ammo. Wait if Roscommon beat Dublin shouldn’t that mean we get Sam after beating mayo and of it happens Dublin. Ffs

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Galway then beats you in the Final. :see_no_evil:

Mayo too

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Ah look I’d be first to stick the boot into mayo but can’t say they didn’t perform. They are only side to raise their game against a phenomenal Dublin side, who would have pissed it only for them


You can’t talk sense about Mayo with some people unfortunately. Not allowed.


It’s when you see permutations like that you realise how ridiculous these championship is

We have to endure relics like the provincial championship and then a round robin series where it’s harder to get eliminated then the World Cup before we get to the games everyone wants to see

Only in the GAA !

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The problem is that going by most peoples criteria there are only about 5 or 6 games a year worth looking at. If a game doesn’t involve a combination of Dublin, Mayo,Kerry and Galway or perhaps Tyrone then its deemed not worthy of watching. People would tire of a 5 team championship pretty quickly.


Enough there for a decent 10 team championship

I have no interest in Dublin v Louth or Laois .


Your a very informed contributor here @greenred and i enjoy your posts but I wouldn’t be throwing those kinda stones in a giant green(red)house!

That was my point …

He’s not wrong though. They have done shag all outside Connaught & their record in Croke Park is shocking. Think they held Mayo to a draw there 6 or 7 years ago, but that’s about it.