GAA Season Ticket 2017

Doesn’t include Dublin or Mayo season tickets. They are listed as renewal only for 2017.

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Doesn’t include Dublin or Mayo season tickets. They are listed as renewal only for 2017.
[/quote]Only 2 1/2 hours to get sorted in that department…

1st Christmas present this morning, 2017 Card arrived in the post

Was just going to ask had people gotton theirs yet ? .Post arrived today but no ticket yet .

Mine arrived today alright

Very odd that I had the postie knock twice today , he came back later with the tickets :joy:

im on the waiting list since 2011 , still no season ticket. They really need to look at extending this scheme

@Macca problem being that they can’t extend it any more for both Dublin and Mayo with their current ticket allocation policy for All Ireland finals

When did you apply ? I sent them an email in October '11 and was notified when they went on sale shortly afterwards . Just followed the link in the email and no word of a waiting list ?

Week after the 2011 All Ireland

That was a lovely email from the GAA this morning…

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Yea, trying to dissect it. Obviously saying you cant scan a card/ticket if it is not being used which is fair enough, they clamped down on that last year I think, but are they also saying that the tickets can only be used by the season ticket holder and cannot be transferred? In that case they are going to have to start checking photo ID at the gates which is not feasible either

Giving your card/ticket to someone else prior to the game is fine. What they are saying you cannot do is stand outside the grounds with a handful of your mates tickets and ask people going in to take them and get them scanned.

Again, how can they police that? All you have to do is say you had arranged to meet them at the entrance, it’s their ticket…

Wont happen at the away games anyway as generally the entrance for season ticket holders is different to GA

Good one I never even thought of was going in and leaving and going in again if you haven’t got someone to use the spare tickets. That will come in handy alright! :joy:

Sounds like some season ticket holders are grassing out others :expressionless:.

I’ve often gone through and asked to scan more than one ticket, but noticed it last year that they were saying no, especially at away games

It’s funny that they come out with this yet when they are in the wrong when tickets not scanning & your attendance not been logged correctly you have to go through heaven & earth to get them to sort it.

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@Unbelievable spot on, they wouldn’t credit some of us for the match in Roscommon, I mean Carrick-on-Shannon which was adding insult to injury after the changed the venue at the 11th hour.

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I agree, hard to police. But I have seen people stand with numerous cards asking people to take them. And others standing at the ticket van offering them. That is what I presume they are trying to stop