GAA Season Ticket 2018

Just read there its gone up again to €120 …
Inflation is just wonderful in this country :upside_down_face:
Make sure your payment details are up date !

Has a mail been sent out?

Not yet , no details really , just what I’ve heard on gaaboards.

Hard to believe, it seems like only a year since we were getting the 2017 ticket …

120 in November but priceless come September


120 is quite the increase.
Hopefully they spend the additional funds on manners & etiquette training for their delightful staff.

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You slagging Frank again?

You’d get more empathy and engagement from the processing staff in Auschwitz.


Can’t be too pleasant dealing with some of the people that post here … :wink:

Can’t speak for anyone else but I’m a gentleman. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the red sticker is back for the Club+ :wink:


I wonder will we get a special 3 match ticket deal for the Super8s??

I believe so - I hear they are throwing in a bottle of water, a packet of crisps and a chicken roll for €5 …

Deadly, the Denis O’Brien Topaz lunch special :slight_smile:

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Not that it effects me anymore, the U16 has gone from 10 to 20 to 30 in the last 3 years, Now that is brutal!

Was it not 120 last year ??!

Don’t think so , think it might have been around the €100 range .Think thats an increase of at least €40 over the last 4-5 years , open to correction though .

From gaaboards

“From €75 when it was introduced in 2009 to €120 now is ridiculous increase in a short space of time. I presume the reason for it is because of the “money spinning” super 8 games will be set you back €105 is you wanted to go all 3 games.”

Jaysus lads it’s still phenomenal value …


Remember the sheet of paper the co board used to give out when they were in Belvedere place- a box they stamped when you got your ticket. Cost me 2 quid to join first time and you were entitled to purchase a ticket for Dublin s championship games. Oh how the money men have gotten their teeth into sport. But I agree that gaa in general compared to soccer(Ireland games and what those poor saps pay to watch the prem)is still good value.