GAA Season Ticket 2018

Yeah but Arsenal have this year dropped their Season Ticket price by £123…down to just £891 !

Think it’s great value and certainly cheaper option than Parnell Pass. Both options are priceless on basis of guaranteed access to AIFs :grin:

When are they for sale?
It’s not clear from the website…

Scrap that, just got the mail

just got the email through and renewed just there. 20% increase with no warning is a but spicy but 5 all Ireland final tickets in 8 years without raising a sweat any year!

Best thing I ever did

It’s fairly gone up alright, 2 adults and 2 kids was €180 couple of years ago and is now €300, still a good scheme but Jasus that’s some jump by any standards, up until 30th Nov to renew, won’t be waiting that long though, first Tuesday of the month the kids will be looked after :wink:


My young one’s school sent the brown envelope home with the letter looking for the voluntary contribution … voluntary … but €175 quoted as the expected amount …

Its been invaluable for the likes of us , Mayo & Kerry but your be hard pushed to buy one if you were from another county .The club championship one is probably better value in that regard .
And since I’ve been getting them there have been no increase in the value you are getting .But of course they are priceless at the business end of the champo !

Are you sure it wasn’t a typo? Maybe it should have read €17.50 or, more likely, €1750.

I have an idea it’s the average because a huge % give fook all … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

in fairness, with all your children, the school is really only asking for a tenner a head.


I didnt get any email to renew them. Is it defintely open until end of Nov?

Serious jump in price, even if it is great value. Meself and me mate started in with them in 2010 IIRC with his son and my nephew who would have been juveniles at the time. It was 170 for the 4 season tickets then. 4 this week is costing 480!
My nephew is very hit and miss now whether he goes or not so dont think that one is value for money but dont want to let a season ticket go. There is no option to transfer the ticket to one of my kids now either. Seems like a bit of a squeeze to get a few tickets back out for general sale

That’s a bit harsh.

There is an option to transfer @Harper, I know of two that have been done & one of them is within my seating group. I will find out if it took much work to do it if you want?

Had exactly the same problem with my nephew ,managed to transfer it to a guy I used to work with , I just rang them and told them I wanted to transfer it, got his details and them emailed him , he has had it for last 2 years now .

Cheers lads, let me know if you figure out how to do it as I thought I tried it last year and was told I couldn’t

As far as I know you’re not allowed buy a kid ticket for your nephew and then transfer it to your Da …

Picked the wrong family member to use in this joke…

No personal offence - was saying it generally.

I know I know. No offence taken dude