GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass

Looks like won’t have to bring season ticket to Kilkenny , tickets are available to print now through the email links sent .

Good seats too by the look of it. New Stand, Section E. Smack in the middle.

Section C for ourselves, how do you know that Section E is in the middle Timo??

Map below.

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I’m a season ticket holder and don’t receive an email link . Should I be worried ?

Are you a Hill 16 season ticket holder, Yoda? If so, I don’t think that you need an e-mail as your card will act as your ticket but don’t take my word for it.

All seated ST holders should have received a mail today.

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I have a stand ticket . I’ll have to get onto them . Thanks

In section E also, just about as good as you can get, once there’s no pole in the way…

Racism has no place in the GAA …

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Anybody’s attendance not yet updated from last Saturday night?

Mine not updated yet, definitely went in the season ticket stile too because the queues were bigger than the normal stiles

Seems a lot of supporters in similar situations.

Some Dubs fans waved through by stewards, others had their names taken on lists (the latter have had their attendance updated).


Jaysus, have you been onto them yet? Last time I tried to contact them, Frank was not playing ball, took a very hard stance that it WOULD have been updated if I was at the match

Yep, awaiting a response.

They shafted us over Carrick on Shannon and if they do it a second time, it would be particularly poor form.

That damm pole was actually in my way on Saturday … but moving wasn’t actually a problem.

Season ticket response:

Attendance data for each fixture is uploaded in the days following the fixture. We generally rely on the local volunteers to upload these so it may be Thursday before all data is uploaded.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this considering some people have had their attendance updated despite not even having their tickets scanned (yes, you read that correctly).

Ah sure just dont miss any more matches and you’ll be grand

Shouldn’t be a problem alright for some but it’s not the point. They nearly try to convince you that you’re lying when you e-mail them!