GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass

I got on to the season ticket crowd and they said I had to go in to the “my invoices” section of my account and my tickets would be in there and I would then just have to pay for them, has anyone else ever had to do that before?
I’ve always just clicked on the link in the reminder email they send out a week or so before a game and chosen my seats and paid for them, but this time the seats were already selected for me.
confused dot com.

Yeah last year . But I had applied for the tickets through the club for the Kildare and Mayo games. Straightforward enough

Is it not possible to add a friend for the semi final?

different email for the semi final, no link to a sale just a link to an invoice for your tickets.

I was able to log in and get two tickets.

Just wasn’t able to add two lads who come to the games with us.

is that on the gaa st?
could you throw up the link or pm it to me please, want to see if I can get a few extra?

Don’t think you’ll get any extra unfortunately.

Think it just let me log in an hour early and get tickets.

The bring your friend isn’t available, according to the email that got sent out a few minutes ago.

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Is the option to pick your own seat gone for the semifinal? I was able to do this for the last few games.

seems to be alright yeah. i got an email a few mins ago with a link to buy a tkt on my hill 16 st but when I go in it says “no events found.”

Just logged on now to season ticket ,looks like it won’t let me pick where to sit , already allocated my seats , anyone else getting same ??

Yeah same for me

Allocated seats no option to bring extra bodies

Sounds like my wedding

yeah that happened to me for the cork game, first time I couldn’t pick my own seats, there was an invoice with my seats already chosen.
same craic for the Kerry game.

50 yo yo’s a stand ticket !!;

Presume email will come from Parnell Pass email address with link for pass holders once tickets go live ?

Apparently this evening - I got a mail from them yesterday saying as much

Cheers. I miss the ticket office!! :weary:

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PP tickets available from this evening to Friday

Is that you @Harrys_Tiles

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