Gaelic football intro session for beginners

Hello everyone,
Montreal Shamrocks are organising a beginners intro session for the sport of Gaelic football this coming Sunday at the Concordia Stinger dome at 10.30am. The game is like a hybrid between soccer and basketball. The event is free - you just need a t-shirt and football boots/sneakers. More info can be found at Address is 7200 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal


Do you know @Ohm_Flatley.

Also there is already a hybrid version of Gaelic football. It’s called the Ulster Championship.


@kerrygaa might be interested

Good luck to the lads in Montreal , having played in Toronto many years ago its great to see the game spreading

Sounds like Pella, miss going up there for the preseason tournament with Toronto hurling club, some spot for a sess!!